Arkady Bukh

arkady-bukhArkady Bukh is your source for comprehensive legal advice when you turn to CyberSec to provide your business with a full slate of cyber security solutions. Mr. Bukh’s role with CyberSec is legal compliance. He provides cyber litigation support; assistance understanding government regulations; and legal representation to protect your company’s online brand.

Arkady Bukh is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive legal advice related to all of your company’s cyber security matters. Mr. Bukh has been practicing law since 2003 and has become a trusted legal commentator who frequently appears on Fox News, CBS, CNN and other news networks. He is a skilled litigator as well as a respected legal professional with unparalleled knowledge of the cyber security issues that affect company’s today.

The major focus of his practice has been cyber crime, and Mr. Bukh has developed a comprehensive understanding of state, federal, and international laws related to hacking, Internet privacy, and the online sharing of information. Mr. Bukh will put his extensive legal knowledge and background to work to provide you with the legal advice you need to protect your business in all things related to cyber security and the Internet.

Experience with Cyber Law

Mr. Bukh is the founding partner of Bukh & Associates, a large New York City law firm that has represented high-profile clients including an alleged co-conspirator in the 2013 Boston bombing marathon. While building his firm into one of the most respected in the city of New York over more than four decades, Mr. Bukh became enmeshed in the world of cyber crimes and Internet hacking laws.

Mr. Bukh has successfully represented some of the most well-known and notorious hackers in the world, including many members of international cyber crime rings responsible for stealing millions from companies and individuals worldwide. Mr. Bukh’s past clients have been accused of identity theft; hacking; and distribution of spyware, among many other online offenses. Mr. Bukh has represented the “king of spam,” as well as served as the attorney for cyber criminals who have stolen millions from the friends of former presidents and state leaders.

While developing cases and helping clients to avoid conviction or fight for light sentences, Bukh became intimately familiar with the process used to investigate cyber crimes as well as with the laws intended to prosecute offenders and protect businesses.

Mr. Bukh knows the rules and regulations that apply to online crime and he knows how investigations are conducted when hacks occur.   He understands how hacking and cyber crimes affect business, and he knows what companies can do to protect themselves legally and to respond when an attack occurs.

All of this legal knowledge will be brought to the table to help your business if your company’s data has been under attack.   Mr. Bukh will advise you on a company’s obligations and duties in complying with Internet privacy protection laws, and will assist with corporate investigations of cyber security issues. He can help with cyber due diligence, and can provide the representation your company needs in order to take legal steps to prevent copyright theft, counterfeiting, piracy and other actions that can affect your brand.   As a criminal defense lawyer who has represented the world’s foremost computer criminals, Mr. Bukh has developed the type of real-world experience with cyber crime laws that is unmatched in the industry.

When you need a lawyer with an inside understanding of both sides of the cyber crime world, Mr. Bukh is the attorney you are looking for. His services are part of the package offered by CyberSec and are part of what makes our cyber security firm so unique.

To learn more about how the team at CyberSec can provide your business with comprehensive support for all of your Internet and network security needs, give us a call today.