Cyber Crime Investigation

cyber-crime-investigationWhen a crime is committed against someone, such as a robbery or physical attack, law enforcement agents are trained to work with the victim, identify the type of crime, and initiate the appropriate deterrent. When crimes happen in computer systems, the technical complexity of managing the investigation is increased, exponentially.

Cyber Crimes can vary from identity theft, stealing someone’s login credentials, capturing a person’s credit or bank card information, send viruses or malware attacks to individuals or entire organizations, and the list goes on and on.

CyberSec is the industry professionals of choice when it comes to delivering high quality, fully experienced cyber investigation services. Our computer forensic investigations produce all the evidence and prevention recommendation planning needed to help with your current violation and future protection planning methodologies.

Our computer forensics analysisservices include:
  • Identification Inspection
  • Data Evidence Collection
  • Cyber Criminal Event Analysis
  • Cyber Fraud Analysis
  • Identity Theft
Identification Inspection

When cyber-criminals infiltrate business systems, identifying the type of cybercrime committed is essential for implementing the correct kind of forensics analysis and future mitigation planning to safeguard your infrastructure environments. A computer crime investigation starts with being able to zero-in on what the infraction was, what caused it, and how can it be remediated to prevent similar crimes to your existing infrastructure in the future.

Successful computer forensics investigations start with an adequately trained subject-matter-expert serving as your primary computer forensic consultant who can provide your law enforcement agency and representing support teams with the latest in cyber-criminal attack techniques.

The importance in early identification detection of the exact kind of attack is paramount when it comes to getting a head start in tracking down the malicious operator or process that initially caused the breach. Our data and access intrusion experts can help provide the necessary expertise when it comes to scoping, probing, and classifying the violation type produced by the cyber-criminal. Illegal system access, database SQL injections, financial account data theft, or any type of user account identity breach must be defined, categorized, and reported as viable evidence in court, if applicable.

Data Evidence Collection

A computer investigation requires gathering all the information captured that is related to the violation in question. This could be an event log entry, user access transactions recorded, data intentionally deleted, customer or employee database fields extracted, or virus infections detected and generated into audit logs that must be thoroughly evaluated, classified, and presented for legal or security support prevention reviews.

Our computer forensic investigators arehighly qualified data collection and extraction experts when it comes to evidence retrieval, and digital validation confirmations.

We specialize in data recovery services, binary header integrity analysis and meta-data evaluations giving your artifacts-of-evidence related to the case a high confidence in credibility when presenting our forensic conclusions to your legal support teams working the investigation.

Cyber Criminal Event Analysis

When a cybercrime is committed, unless concrete evidence findings can be established, the credibility of cyber-criminal data breach results will always come into question. In a court of law, you need to prove that your digital results could not have been tampered or manipulated in anyway, or the evidence presented will be considered contaminated and not credible for the case.

This is why it’s very important to gather all your evidence during the investigation, from related systems involved in the breach. This also includes extended infrastructure environments surrounding your evidence. This helps present the cause activities from end-to-end during the violation transaction events.

CyberSec has the real-world experience when it comes to identifying, capturing, and givingholistic cybercrime evidence through investigative examinations. We provide digital forensic report workflows that can display the entire event from discovered digital fingerprints, to server or session access transactions logged into your Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that ties into your digital forensic findings.

Cyber Fraud Analysis

While the internet has many benefits for companies and home users alike, it can also serve as a playground for cyber-criminals using imitation techniques to get your money or destroy your computer data. Cyber Fraud crimes can consist of an email pretending it’s a banking website.This email can direct you to a false website the hacker owns so they can capture your personal data such as your username or password. You could be typing in your personal data to false URL links re-directing your session to a malicious internet system. These are setup to makeyou think the site is legitimate but is really configured to infect all your data files, just for the thrill of it.

We can give your organization the protection you need to safeguard from any Cyber Fraud attempts such as re-directed links to false websites. We help your teams implement web content monitoring solutions such as Websense™ or Barracuda™ to protect your users adequately from any attempted false redirection links or fake email messages.Employees could accidently or intentionally be sending out customer privacy information such as social security numbers or personal user account data. These tools also help provide the detailed logging you need to have captured and analyzed when it comes to a Cyber Crime Investigation caused by a scam attempt.

Identity Theft

One of the most frequentviolations on the Internet is identity theft. Individual identity theft attacks are so common, most financial institutes prefer to invest in remediating the situation with the user by resetting their account information instead of tracking down the oneparticular incident that caused the theft. However, when mass identity theft activities are discovered, law enforcement agencies count on experts like CyberSec to give them the internet forensics needed to help identify the enterprise-level attack.

Why hire a Cyber Crime Investigator?

CyberSec digital forensics investigation services can help give your legal research a reliable evidence findings report while also producing a threat prevention plan to help protect your platforms from similar attacks.

Our subject-matter-experts can give your crime scene a fully qualified digital forensics investigatorthat can produce the credible data digital evidence needed, and also help create a findings recommendations plan for layered security, as well as advanced threat protection techniques.

We specialize in Cyber Crime Investigations, using advanced intrusion digital identification tools, detection, and prevention technologies, along with industrybest practices to help cover all your computer evidence analysis needs.