Physical Security and Social Engineering Assessments

Physical security assessmentsSocial engineering cyber-criminals are some of the most evasive andmalicious users to protect your company against. They do not focus on just computer tools to break into systems, but use people and physical location as their primary source for targeting and exploiting access weaknesses in all forms.

From sneaking in the front door through tailgating a friendly-but-naïve worker giving them unconfirmed admittance to your site, social engineers will go to all levels to break into your building or systems. They will sift through trash cans or go through your cluttered desk, overnight. Some will carefully observe keyboard typing and monitor field display information on an employee’s computer. Social engineering cyber-criminals will try everything they can to get their illegal permission to your office area or computer systems.

When it comes to security awareness, educating your teams who are your first line of defense against social engineers, is key to mitigating these types of concerns. CyberSec helps provide a well-rounded physical security risk assessment for your non-technical security controls, policies, and procedures. Our reviews help test your vulnerability and give you the recommendations report needed to remediate these risks now and in the future.

Our services focus on:

  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Employee Education
Physical Security Assessment

Does your building have all the options available to fully protect your entire site? Are identity badges issued to personnel and visiting customers or consultants, tracked, and maintained with a fully trained security staff? Are CCTV Cameras strategically placed where they can do the bestpossiblemonitoring for building access or parking lot activities?

These are some of the areas of concern we help your teams focus on during your physical security vulnerability assessment review. We help use our years of physical security testing in office areas, docking bays, and data center locations to give your business the improvement planning it needs to fortify your existing control systems and procedures.

Identifying weak points in your existing environment is crucial when it comes to scanning for critical entrance risks at your location. Places such as poor lighting in hallways, stairwells, or parking lots, to entrance areas such as fire escape doors, cafeteria back-doors, or shipping bay doors, could potentially allow a malicious social engineer posing as personnel or as a maintenance worker to gain access to your building.

We work with your department groups during our physical assessment analysis to validate security cards, key control testing, video value-adding opportunities, and physical penetration testing scenarios. We help you examine situations such as criminals posing as personnel or consultants, to help identify and mitigate all your siteadmission needs using the latest, real-world validations for quality assurance.

Social Engineering Assessment

Scamming is the social engineering skill-of-choice when it comes to gathering information they need to target their illegal access planning to your facilities or business applications. Impersonating staff, customer, salesman, or vendor over the telephone or through bogus email communication can leave an unsuspecting worker vulnerable to unintentionally giving out identity or internal procedure information. Skilled social engineers do their information gathering activities with such great subtlety that your personnel may be thinking it’s just a regular interaction experience to help give good service. Individual staff members can also be targeted by hackers using “Spear Phishing” techniques that can compromise a department or administration area. Our evaluations help identify these process controlsfor weaknesses, but we also provide the security awareness training your staff needs to be mindful of such situations and to respond to the most secure-oriented responsibilities, possible.

Employee Education

Keeping a security-like mindset is the responsibility for all employees as they serve as your front-line security stewards to your office building and computer system areas.

We help provide your teams with the training tools needed to not only manage various types of social engineering situation attempts, but also to train them on the most optimal response scripting available to legally support all prevention and countermeasure activities needed to protect your organization adequately.

Why hire Social Engineering Prevention Experts?

Our Social Engineering experts and physical site review specialists use the latest in industry-proven methodologies, social situation scenario testing, and years of real-world experience to give your teams the skills and tools needed for all your social attack positions.

CyberSec has the knowledge, tools, and the years of social engineering protection strategies that your company can leverage to help manage these types of situations.