Source Code Audit and Reviews

source-code-auditWhether it isuser interface code your business manages in-house or using third-party customizations, it’s important to ensure that your solutions provide the most secure coding practices, possible.

Source code assessments implemented as required activity in your current Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) approach is essential to guarantee new security flaws are not being introduced into your current environment.

Security risks that our source code audit can identify gives your development and administrative support teams the confidence needed for mitigating vulnerabilities against the latest cyberspace attacks.

Source Code Audits Include:

  • Identity Management Analysis
  • Encryption Reviews
  • Buffer Overflow Potentials

Identity Management Analysis

When it comes to authentication, authorization, and account provisioning, you want your software structures to deliver an uninterrupted channel of functionality. Technologies used to manipulate account information through field programming is very complex. Reliable, logical workflow mapping in data transport resiliency must be taken into consideration, or your developers may be delivering an unknown vulnerability that most cyber-criminals look to exploit.

That is why CyberSec provides the risk assessment review in source code behavior needed to focus on weak coding practices and deliver recommendations report so your development teams can correct through current industry best practice standards.

For authentication, we scan and test the encryption and field-hashing proceduresused while also analyzing input and output event responses that modern day hacker verbose tools can take advantage of.

For authorization, we validate with your support group that appropriate roles-based attributes are being set correctly as designed, so your directory services or user identity repositories are as accurate as possible.

For account provisioning, we test end-to-end in-scope programming behavior, so the user account life-cycle transport is not derailing to someone’s personal storage space or remote computer device.

Encryption Reviews

Many people believe that internet browsers or web applications are fully secured once they see the “lock” picture show up on their settings bar. The lock verifies you are using an encrypted session. However, if your field coding is poorly written, no level of encryption will be able to hide certain types of errors. Errors such as insertion errors, array arithmetic overflows, or memory leaks that have the potential of displaying clear text content such as usernames or passwords over the internet.

We work with your teams to fully assess your current and future cryptography needs. Using multiple permutation testing scenarios along with synthetic transaction testing, our assessments can identify vulnerabilities found in thecode and overall data manipulation.This will give your design groups the improvement recommendations needed to help implement reliable and proven coding procedures to safeguard your applications and database environments.

Buffer Overflow Potentials

Overwhelming program code response time is another method hackers use to crack source code and the data it manages. If source code programming is not effectively streamlined, instead of failing or becoming unresponsive to buffer overflow attacks, it could have the potential of breaking during mid-compiling. This causes easy access to any variable or arrays to become available to hackers using injection monitoring tools.

Poor error handling code can also produce the same weakness in its predefined responses to malicious application code attacks.

CyberSec simulates these types of attack tests and gives your architecture teams the knowledge needed to reduce or eliminate the chances of these types of vulnerabilities.

Why hire Source Code Audit Experts?

CyberSec has years of real-world source code experiencewhen it comes to identifying and mitigating these types of risks in security software designanalysis. Wework with your staff to implement the best practices your organizationrequires forsource code quality assurance for defending against attacks or breaches caused by source code programming not taking advantage of security code-writing best practices.

Our program designexperts have the knowledge your support staff can use through source code audit risk reviews and comprehensive vulnerability testing.