Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanningWhat is Vulnerability Scanning? Imagine someone coming to your home’s front door, every minute of every hour of every day, checking to see if the door is loose or unlocked. Would you leave it alone and hope for the best, weeks or months at a time? Vulnerability Scanning is the process and evaluation activityto check your systems and help identify any risks you may not be aware of.

This is the reality for computer networks, every hour of every day. Automated systems from cyber-criminals are continuously checking every part of your infrastructure to see if any of your systems, backdoors, network crawlspaces, anything at all will shimmy open for them to sneak in and break into.

With so many attempts on so many technology levels trying to enter your business network around the clock, 24x7x365, you need the confidence in security when it comes to access risks or environment weaknesses.

CyberSec can provide the quality assurance your organization needs with penetration (Pen) scanning, vulnerability testing, and internal vulnerability scanning covering all aspects with a thorough risk assessment review.

Our Vulnerability Scanning services include:

  • Database Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Site Scanning
  • Network Port Scanning
  • Host Scanning
  • Desktop or Mobile Device Weaknessese

Database Vulnerability Scanning

A popular malicious goal cyber-criminals continue to strive for is identity information. Thesearestored in databases andcan be usernames, passwords, birthdates, and social security numbers. These data fields help hackers gain access to financial contentas a user’s bank account or credit card information. While many hacker exploits attempt to capture this information when the data is in transport, more aggressive techniques for global heists have been continuously successful. Cyber-criminal scriptingusingdata field level full table scans for major companies storing customer profile data has the potential of being at risk.

We specialize in Black Hat hacking methodologies such as SQL Injection attacks, open listener vulnerabilities, access granting scripts, and many other intrusion strategies. We help provide your organization with delivering protection policies on strong, periodic vulnerability scanning exercises. These activities include the database and network levels of connectivity, making sure the most current security patching and packet filtering is set up correctly, safeguarding your information storageenvironments.

Web Site Scanning

Platforms for web sites have many different language types, such as JavaScripting, HTML coding, VBScripting, ActiveX Object Embedding, XML coding, and Perl Scripting just to name a few. Leveraging scanning automation tools to validate each of these unique programming language types is essential when it comes to thorough web application vulnerability scanning best practices. Web application service transports such as the Apache™ open source suite continue to be a challenge in patching and supporting on a day-to-day basis. Website vulnerability scanning must be implemented on a regular basis in order to stay as current as possible against the latest website hacking attacks.

CyberSec has years of experience when it comes to running vulnerability scanning Pen Test exercises to help identify risks through assessment reviews and giving your teams the improvement reporting they need to enhance your existing control structures.

Network Port Scanning

Network vulnerability scanning on port configurations going through your routers, switches, firewalls, and appliances must be reviewed on a consistent basis. Local Area Networks, Wireless Networks, and your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) perimeter, all must be extensively validated through Pen Testing scans using internal tools and external services. Cloud Security scanning, file transport delivery scanning, and mobile device scanning must be implemented on a regular schedule to help safeguard all access channels into your infrastructure environment. Network-based scanning tools run over the network segments with port transport protocol analysis, so all TCP/IP stack interactions are adequately diagnosed for quality communication.

CyberSec provides the latest vulnerability assessment tools when it comes to Network Scanning management. Our services can help you validate your environments ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly, or annually to ensure your perimeter settings Defense-in-Depth strategy planning is both reliable and up-to-date.

Host Scanning

Physical servers, virtual guest servers, and virtual-emulated server platforms may require local vulnerability protection based on their location in your network infrastructure. A Host Based vulnerability scanning toolis typically installed on your local systems. These solutions can evaluate, scan, monitor, and report local-level technology risks to a central reporting repository for your company to review in real-time or for later analysis.

Our Host Based technical subject-matter-experts can give your administrative teams the planning and assessment evaluation templates they need to configure and help fortify your server environments. We can provide structured workflow diagrams saving your staff weeks of research and product inspection testing.

Desktop or Mobile Device Weaknessese

When it comes to ever-changing and dynamic environments, nothing is more in-fluxthan a user’s PC or MAC desktop or laptop system configuration.

Now that mobile smartphones and tablets are becoming more accepted in business locations, along with the challenges of employee devices falling into the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) paradigm, the importance of external vulnerability scanning is becoming a high priority for the industry and business administrative support teams.

Our services include reviews that identify all the latest inspection methodologies for Virus protection updates, Malware Spyware prevention, operating system patching, and encryption management. These devices require regular Pen Test evaluation verifications that also include application vulnerability scanning. We give your management and support administration a detailed vulnerability audit report that covers all aspects of discovered system weaknesses, to help ensure current and future mitigation needs are providing substantial coverage, as optimal as possible.

Why hire Vulnerability Scanning Specialists?

CyberSec’s experienced Vulnerability Evaluation specialists provide the knowledge and architectural insight when it comes to delivering vulnerability recommendation findings that your company can benefit from, for years to come.

Regular environment technology scanning inspections will help your business stay on top of the latest cybercriminal threat strategies, while also providing your support teams the necessary knowledge and vulnerability remediation best practices to help keep your platforms as reliable and secure, as possible with proven automation and risk examination scanning strategies giving your current frameworks 24-hour confidence for all your protection needs.