Cyber Security Strategy

cyber-security-strategyIt’s important to consider a holistic approach when it comes to managing Cyber Security for your business. Creating a detailed security framework strategy to help anticipate all the potential access vulnerabilities in your system is key to a successful threat prevention perimeter for your company’s network.

From hardware, software, network communication, authentication, authorization, and account provisioning, an overarching strategic plan is needed to manage and protect business computer environments, both small and large.

CyberSec security professionals have the expertise and years of real-world cyber-criminal experience to provide your company a detailed and beneficial risk and vulnerability assessment review, as well as, architecture recommendations to cover all your security framework needs.

Our examinations take into account your current topology, and we help evaluate and assess the best strategic mappings, possible so your company’s immediate needs of protection, come first. Through Rough-Order-of-Magnitude (ROM) evaluations, we help your management prioritize and invest in the most important risks and vulnerability mitigations without overwhelming your current IT budgetary constraints.

Our Assessment and Strategic Planning services include:

  • Infrastructure Evaluation Review
  • Risk and Vulnerability Management
  • Defense-In-Depth Architecture
Infrastructure Evaluation Review

Identifying all the strengths and weaknesses in your environment so you can create the baseline for improvement needed to improve and build upon is essential. Our services help to provide this through extensive Penetration (Pen) Testing methodologies, and a thorough review of your existing process and control procedures currently being used in your environment, today.

We help work with your teams to inspect your data center, cloud service providers, office workstation systems, and current maintenance controls. We help provide your administration teams with the latest, industry-proven best practices that will establish an end-to-end perimeter of protection that’s both manageable and reliable to work with.

Risk and Vulnerability Management

Cyber-criminal attack types change every day in cyberspace. Having frequent security risk assessment evaluation sessions will help ensure your support teams are staying on top of the latest strategies while also providing an insight of any existing vulnerabilities that may be putting your environments at risk. The cause for most security-hole risks in computer system platforms come from mostly changes, upgrades, patching, or newly implemented applications that inadvertently opened up a breach into your infrastructure.

Our risk assessment reviews through Pen Testing examinations and recommendation finding reports will give your support teams the guidance to remediate unknown security issues while also improving on your existing platforms for on-going, quality assurance.

Defense-In-Depth Architecture

Layered security planning is the best Cyber Security Strategy you can plan for, to mitigate your company’s computer security needs. Defense-In-Depth planning does just that by taking into consideration the “what-if” scenario, such as one computer access layer has been attacked and compromised, but your next layer stops the continued attack.

By using Defense-In-Depth strategies, you can ensure that all levels of your organization’s infrastructure network has the multiple layers and gateways needed to help safeguard your environment from limited cyber-criminal penetration efforts. Our architecture experts can give the layout workflows and planning templates needed for year-round protection against advanced hacker attacks, through layered intrusion threat prevention structures.

Why hire Cyber Security Specialists?

CyberSec Security Architects can help give your platforms a successful security design with life cycle maintenance procedures that will continue to provide robust protection from firewalls to PC workstations, to wireless mobile devices.

Our subject-matter-expertscan provide the architectural recommendations for layered prevention security, as well as, on-going technology methodologies that covers and protects your company from the latest cyber-criminal attack techniques.

We specialize in risk reviews, advanced intrusion detection and prevention technologies, along with process and procedure industry practices for audit compliance and day-to-day system life cycle management needs.