Managed Security Services

managed-security-servicesWhat are Managed Security Services (MSS)? Security Frameworks are complex, intensive, and can be large budget burdens to most businesses deciding to manage them internally. IT security managed services from firewalls to routers, to network perimeters as an outsourced service has been a great alternative for companies. Managed security service providers, while giving great value to challenging infrastructure budgets, require checks and balances in quality assurance assessments.

CyberSec is the experts of choice in providing third-party validation for all your managed IT security services needs for both internally and externally controls in your environment. Who “Watches the Watchers” is a standard security analogy to practical managed service validation.

Risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, measuring performance analytics, and verifying audit logs are just some of the quality assurance services CyberSec can help bring to your managed security services.

Threat Monitoring and Metrics

Many portions of your network perimeter are made up of threat detection systems such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). We take a week of event logs and analyze them that critical notifications and escalation processes are being implemented, as designed.

Do the metrics reporting and threat scope attention entries match up to the actual incidents being captured in your IT managed security services? Our validation and assessment teams can give you a real-world evaluation perspective, so you have the confidence needed to validate those services.

We also can provide your business with selective managed business services through periodic assessment reporting. A thorough, third-party penetration test will provide strong value to your company’s managed service validation needs.

Incident Automation Monitoring

Team notification when a large data breach threat comes to your network. These types of incidents should be automatically stopped by Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and firewall automated port shutdown strategies to ensure your infrastructure’s safety.

Managed Security Service Providers can design, implement and support these services. Outside assessments with “impartial”, external evaluations are key to identifying vulnerability weaknesses that your current MSS solutions provider may not have the capacity to give you.

Complex and Advanced Breach-Attempt Detection

A managed security services provider can help give 24×7 standard firewall, router, or appliance filtering support. However, advanced complex cybercriminal penetration such as variations of advanced man-in-the-middle attacks, requires permutation testing on a regular basis, so nothing slips through the cracks.

These types of tests help verify the integrity you are getting with your purchased scanning services from your managed service partner. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly reviews are more cost-effective by hiring on-site consulting.

Continuous validation services that may have the potential of getting stale due to regular support activity repetition from your current MSS Company is an issue most companies face using managed services.

IP Network Anomaly Monitoring

From Trojan to Worm viruses, to Remote Procedure Call breaches, to DNS Changer attacks, it’s important to have your managed security services partner have the latest TCP/IP mitigation policies and planning in place. They should be active 24x7x365 and protecting you against the latest industry-noted threats that change every month.

IP Tracing alerts or router Access Control List (ACL) corruption requires escalation. You must have monitoring notification in place for you MSS and onsite support teams, so your network’s IP Schema is not impaired or destroyed from an attack.

Verifying managed monitoring systems have the latest, and most current configurations are important. Otherwise, phone calls from users saying they can’t login, email is down, frozen Internet browsing, or session freeze up will be the unwanted escalation alerts. Infrastructure departments will get these as a result of failed quality services your provider should be managing correctly.

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)

Cloud Security solutions can offer Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) alternatives to companies challenged with managing both data center costs and security costs to their enterprise. These large types of external services can give great benefits to cost-challenged businesses. It’s important to have a careful cost benefits analysis, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) evaluation completed, so it’s an affordable solution that best fits your organization’s needs. We can work with you and your SECaaS partner with a full business-to-process assessment review.

Why hire Managed Security Services Assessment Experts?

CyberSec can implement the periodic value-adding experience in security checks with your new or existing solutions vendor. Our extensive experience in business security evaluation reporting will give your company strong and reliable quality assurance validations.