Cloud Security Testing

Cloud-Security-TestingWhat is Cloud Security Testing? The testing, validation, and process analysis of technologies and infrastructure security related to cloud-based service environments. A cloud platformexists outside your operations center location and utilizes paid hosting servers acting as your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Shared services, virtualization, and pooled resources that are managed by you and your hosting vendor.

When allowing external vendors to manage your applications and controls, periodic testing exercises for communication end-points are required to validate security resilience.

CyberSec specializes in layered cloud security solutions testing strategies that include:


  • Encryption Validation
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Review
  • Authorization Structure
  • Host Server Protection Integrity
  • Cloud Email Security
  • Application Testing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Existing Controls GAP Analysis
  • Database Review
  • Business Compliance Audit inspection
  • Firewalltesting
  • Network Endpoint designs
  • Account Provisioning Workflows
  • Cloud Data Security Review
  • Cloud Storage Security

Cloud Computing Security – Trust

One of the most challenging business justifications for a company to move towards a cloud security services model is “trust”. Can an external hostnot only give you all the functionality your local operations center could, but also the attention of security in protecting yourinformation systems infrastructure? Associating cloud computing security issues with internet-reported breaches has been growing over the years.

According to a research study taken by Symantec in 2014, Internet-related system breaches jumped 700% with more than 10 million user identity accounts compromised just between 2012 and 20131.

Withyears of expertise, CyberSec can provide the best industry-proven practices for your cloud security testing needs. You can leverage all the cost-savings a cloud service gives you and also sleep better knowing your framework is as strongly secure as you can make it.

The Challenges of Cloud Identity Management

Information security in cloud computing is even more complex when requiring to implement island-type silo or single sign-on solutions for your account management needs.

LDAP adapters, Directory Services, SID maintenance, and role-based authorization. All of these going over the internet must be tightly secure and propagating, as designed. If your user-base is employee and customer roster-orientated, the risk levels get even more difficult to manage.

Our business-case testing approach will help you identify cloud security issues ahead of time,related to identity access services to ensure your user community has a high confidence with their personal information entering into your cloud-based systems.

Leveraging Standards and Best Practices

Framework Excellence
We work with industry best practices for cloud security services, along with highly recommended testing methodologies and techniques from organizations of security excellence. Groups such as Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), are just a few of the service standard knowledge bases we use, along with our years of real-world cloud network security experience.

Fundamental Testing Models include:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS):
  1. Vendor and client-side holistic penetration testing
  2. Cloud storage security testing
  3. Cloud server security testing
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):
  1. Cloud Application, operating systemrisk testing
  2. Cloud email security testing
  • Information-as-a-Service (InfoaaS):
  1. Source and protocol transport testing


Advanced Testing for Advanced Threats

Sophisticated hacks have been reported back from cloud security providers which are being added to the tool-kit of technology testing-techniques your company will benefit from.

Threats such as:

  • Side Channel Attacking
  • Digital file wipe attacks
  • Service Hijacking
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS) crippling availability

Side Channel Attacking

Facility-located or RSA-decode attack which breaks encryption. We can test your encryption integrity and physical equipment access with your service provider, so this type of risk is mitigated, thoroughly.

Digital file wipe attacks

A malicious hacker can break in and try to cover their tracks by wiping out all the digital files they can find out of spite or to avoid detection. Our process testing review ensures a good back-up recovery solution is in place

Service Hijacking

A cybercriminal hijacks a service session that allows him to piggyback on the service, into your network. Our service permission testing analysis help identify any access weaknesses in the process.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) crippling availability

DoS attacks can come from a single source or possibly vast numbers of malicious groups coordinating a focused assault on your infrastructure. We test and evaluate “cloud-to-client” workflows and provide a Vulnerability GAP analysis report to you and your cloud security providers to help fortify and correct this vulnerability.

Compliance Testing

Is your cloud service covering all your compliance needs? If you’re company is healthcare, does your provider’s services comply with all HIPAA standards? If your organization is financial, does the external service cover all your SSAE 16 process needs? Is your cloud support team staying up with the latest security patching in the environments? Do they have the latest in Intrusion and Prevention technologies put into place?

Our evaluation teams do perimeter testing exercises, collaborating with you and your vendor, and share our findings of cloud computing security threats identified, along with our best practice recommendations report to help mitigate these risks.

Why hire Cloud Security Professionals?

We’re part of the team, not the crowd!

When you’re subscribing to hosting services, you are one of many in a shared services model who will get shared resource support attention, unless you’re willing to pay more cost or keep searching for a vendor who might come close to getting the security quality you are looking for.

That’s why you need professional, real-world experienced, subject matter experts purposed specifically to cover all your cloud security needs. We go beyond regular cloud computing security companies with fixed support offerings.

Doing it all!

CyberSec covers a multitude of testing areas such as; penetration testing, remediation reporting, multi-factor authentication testing, data retention policy testing, encryption testing, and so much more.

We work with your security and administrative support teams to test, identify, and recommend planning for correction tasks, as well as life cycle maintenance techniques so that your company has the most robust and secure cloud solutions possible, giving you strong confidence to grow and benefit from your cloud-based business services.