Wireless Testing Services

wifi-security-testingThe challenges managing protection over wireless grows in different forms every day thanks to cybercriminals staying innovative with current solutions. Wireless penetration testing, along with multiple validation strategies gives a solid foundation your company can rely on.

By implementing current testing or resilience validations over your wireless systems on a regular basis, you can stay ahead of modern day threats while ensuring communication stability for your Wi-Fi user community.

Quality Results-driven Validation Strategies

CyberSec goes over different integrity test assessments for external signal-broadcasting scopes based on protocol and range boundaries your company is emitting.

These strategic points include:

  • Authentication
  • Encryption strength
  • MAC spoofing weaknesses
  • Advanced WLAN attacks
  • RF range control
  • Client-focused attacking
  • Penetration (PEN) Testing
  • Ad-hoc external network breach


Wireless network authentication is limited and requires application authentication in order to secure a closed and protected connection. Hackers know this. That’s why they will focus many of their attack efforts with pseudo access point emulation and gain access to your device where they can plant Trojans, break into file shares or capture passwords.

Our service validates all these areas of weakness and gathers the risk impact information needed so your teams can safely mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Encryption strength

You want to make sure you are using the highest level of security possible while not impairing the performance of your connection. We can give you the right formula with WPA2/AES, accompanied with the strongest encryption strength settings, possible to fully protect your users Wi-Fi access experience.

MAC spoofing weaknesses

Media Access Control (MAC) spoofing is a cybercriminal’s tool that makesa user’s operating system think the hacker’s MAC address is their address. Our solid process of giving static template settings for your firewalls or security appliances will help remediate this risk now and in the future.

Advanced WLAN attacks

Single frontal attack-types are not always a hacker’s tool-of-choice. Advanced combination attacks such as bit flipping, permutation enumeration, rogue APs, device fingerprinting, or man-in-the-middle threats are also a risk. Our evaluations cover all industry-current threat models currently plaguing the industry, today.

RF range control analysis

We test your building and recommend RF shielding strategies thatrequire paint or window film to restrict your company’s Wi-Fi office signal. This safeguardhelps to protectfrom external attacks or discovery detection.

Client-focused attacking

Once your host device is seen through a network sniffer, you can be a target to Caffe Latte, disassociation, Mis-association, or hacker techniques that are client-based weaknesses. Our testing helps identify and report mitigation tasks to resolve these types of threats.

Penetration (PEN) Testing

Our full end-to-end scanning for all WLAN components gives your business the detailed protection needed in securing your infrastructure’s remote functionality.WiFi penetration testing scopes for mobile and physical device weaknesses.

Ad-hoc external network breach

Bad guys can park their car in front of your office and pretend to be your wireless system. CyberSec gives you the wireless security testingtechniques needed, such as RF shielding and signal range throttling to eliminate this threat.

Why do I need to hire a Wireless Testing Specialist?

Hiring a WLAN Testing Expert gives your support teams the confidence to leverage our many years of security experience available in the latest plans, techniques, methodologies, procedures and service strategies delivering a wall of protection throughout the life cycle of the service.