Mobile Threat Prevention: Protection on the Go!

mobile-threat-preventionPortable computing such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones is growing exponentially every year, and so are the business challengesto protect them. What can a company do when your asset leaves the building and possibly out of your control? How do you protect them usingthe latest patching and updates if they are not always on your network? How do you prevent your employee from turning off the company settings you’ve put on them if they think they’re an inconvenience?

The Bring-Your-Own-Device, (BYOD), phenomena has become a common practice with companies. Inventory tracking, software version monitoring, and patching upgrade challenges are required when an employee is away from the office.

CyberSec has the knowledge and experience to help identify the best mobile device management designs and recommend the architecture needed for your mobile device business challenges.

Configuration Mountains: Getting it right!

Mobile Device Security Management

Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM)like Airwatch are now being used by businesses across the worldto protect portable assets from hackersor malicious employee threats. Having too many MDM settings turned on can slow down and impair the performance of the device. A balance of threat prevention and performance has to be put into place.

CyberSec professionals have just the framework to give your MDM platform the strongest value-adding functionality needed so you can both securely protect your company’s devices while not impacting everyday use.

Administrative Challenges

Getting just the right settings is more a science then a template. CyberSec has the expertise to provide just that by working with your support teams to configure your mobile device management system as optimal as possible.

First impression of service The reality-check
Device wipe is okay because my data is currently backed-up all the time and secure. Image syncing may not always be reliable because of network availability or device storage space.
Pin password makes everything safe on my smartphone or tablet. Every major OS update sometimes brings security holes that hackers can easily bypass until the next update fixes it.
·Virus protection is reliable on my device. ·Windows and Android continue to get many OS virus attacks with out-of-date anti-virus updates that may not make it on time.
·Version control is easy. ·Untested OS or application upgrades pushed to the device could cause compatibility issues or open access to hackers.
·BYOD users can install anything they want and be safe. ·Many applications are web-based for smartphones or tablets. Your data could be “phoning-home” off your device without you knowing it.

Mobile Comprehensive Threat Analysis

Operating System:

CyberSec will make sure all your operating system version control strategies taking into account pre-release testing and user case validation methodologies help provide a strong foundation for your OS upgrade and patching needs.

We can provide Lost-and-Wipe-Device strategies to ensure solid BYOD protection and data using your mobile device management services.

Application Management:

This layer requires excellent validation coverage from email-syncing, password management, software compatibility, encryption, audit logging, and inventory control. We can give mobile device management architecture recommendations and procedure best practices that can save your support teams weeks of trail-and-error testing.


Web and network service connectivity with security-managed devices is essential so remote commands or updates can be managedeffectively. Our communication best practice plans will help provide this and ensure robust connectivity.