Secure Mobile Infrastructure

secure-mobile-infrastructureAs mobile devices take the industry by storm, the need for organizations to design a secure infrastructure to support them continues to grow. Secure Mobile Infrastructure planning provides both employees and customers the connectivity and functionality neededwhile givingcompanies theirmobile security and support.

Employees and customersalike are using smartphones, tablets, wearable gadgets, and laptops more and more to connect to your company’s operation center. We help give experience and expertise to your support teams to help architect and implement the best in mobile security environments.

Foundation Design

The Challenges of Mobile access

There are many hurtles of complexity, when it comes to laying down the support systems required to manage mobile devices. The biggest will be identifying what’s a business versus personal device on your network.

While business assets that stay at the office location are more manageable, when they leave the confines of your office location, they can be a danger to the organization because they are carrying, or granting access to, company digital data information that a cybercriminal would love to get their hands on.

Challenges include:

Bring-Your-Own-Device issues Device loss or theft Company data leaving the office
Viruses, Spyware, and Malware Email data issues Password policy complexities
Device lock-down best practices Device Tracking Software dministration
Operating System update holes VPN connectivity Carrier compatibilities
Application distribution Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies Privacy concerns

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Having a reliable MDM is important to help laying a good foundation to maintain mobile security needs, however, it’s only the beginning of the process.

MDM client software installed on the device allows your operation administrators to track assets, manage encryption, control email access, and remotely manage all the security options on the mobile device, as needed.

Products, such as Airwatch, McAfee, or Symantec provide MDM toolkits and instructional advice. However, most of the time it’s up to your teams to architect and sort out your unique business protection and prevention needs that directly impacts youremployee and customer mobile devices accessing your network.

We provide the industry experience to help assess your environment’s needs, identify and deliver security implementation strategies, and work with your teams to implement a fully architected, safe, and solid solution.

Virtual Portal Solutions

Solutions such as VMWare use client emulation tunnelingsoftware fromhosted virtual desktops to mobile devices. This helps give controlled functionalityby your operations center on a host. The device will only need a Virtual Desktop Interfrace (VDI) installed and a connection to the internet.

Our professional experts can assess your Endpoint permission needs and create a plan for a secure workflow to help mobile device users get the most benefits security virtual technologies can provide.

Why hire SecurityMobile Infrastructure Architects?

What was missing in the brochure?

Many companies when implementing mobile security solutions are overwhelmed by many process, integration, and policy-enforcement mountains they did not see coming once the vendor left the site.

CyberSec has industry-proven cookie-cutter implementation planning that is fortified and designed to save your team weeks of research and the pain of trial-and-error.