Network Security

network-securityWhat is network security? Network Security is a culmination of preventive tools, policy controls, and system monitoring devices designed to safe guard a company’s computer environment. A balanced network security solution is needed to provide this. A data security breach which goes public to the press can cost a company millions in reputation damage, alone. Network security solutions are only as good as the experts who design them.

CyberSec provides this level of expertise with decades of accumulated network security experience. CyberSecprofessionals are highly experienced “Black Hat” subject matter experts with real-world experience in network security hacking, who give quality and insightful real-world experiences to your network security systems.

Network Security Expertise:

Our expertise specializations include:

  • Security Strategic Planning
  • Network Penetration Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scan Assessments
  • Holistic Security Dashboard reporting
  • Network Security Statistics
  • Cryptography Network Security
  • Network Security Forensics
  • Network Security Simulation Modeling

CyberSec network security analyzer does scanning on load balancers, routers, switches, firewalls, network appliances, servers, workstations, and wireless network security systems for vulnerabilities is also a provided service.

Current Network Security Threats

Managed network security services must continue to stay ahead of hackers by providing robust network security solutions. CyberSec helps ensure this by analyzing the entire “defense-in-depth” frameworks in your company’s security perimeters both internally and externally on the network.

Common Network Security Threats:
Port scan attacks Malicious network sniffing Unknown security holes DNS attacks
Botnet attacks Poor encryption design Viruses Hardware upgrade holes
Lack of proper monitoring Missing countermeasures Poor detection systems Software upgrade holes

Testing Network Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

Identifying vulnerabilities with network security testing is important. CyberSec network security consultants help provide detailed test analysis reporting. A network security tester assessment for both physical and wireless network security systems is key to preventative network security attacks. Identifying network security vulnerabilities service is provided with every report. Penetration testing, network security routing tests, and proper protocol testing are benefits CyberSec network security consulting helps provide to your business.

Existing network security procedures are tested, reviewed and validated with CyberSec. These tests help provide a process lifecycle plan for the procedure and security control which helps safeguard the environment.

Network Security Vulnerabilities:

Poor routing configurations Security holes from changes Wireless network holes Protocol tunneling
Legacy system holes Data Breaches Social engineering Cloud storage drives
Improper network design Clear text broadcasts Poor alerts and logging Firewall weakness

Testing for Wireless Security Issues:

Testing and validating security for wireless network security risks is important. Hackers will first approach wireless network security because many companies will forget to consider fortifying this environment. Many hackers leverage a company’s lack-of-attention to wireless network security looking for vendor default configurations and low encryption settings that can be easily circumvented.

CyberSec network security experts will test, evaluate, and create the strategy planning needed to secure a complicated wireless solution. This helps to fully implement a strong, secure wireless network security solution which mitigates wireless network security issues, and also providesa reliable extension of your current network infrastructure.

Enterprise Network Security Solutions

Today’s managers must do an extensive cost benefits analysis and research for a solution which best fits a company. Network security problems can be caused by integrating multiple incompatible security systems. Taking advantage of complete enterprise security platforms can provide more value to companies.

CyberSec network security specialists help ease the business-decision making process with best-in-breed industry recommendations. This saves the company time and money in research which the IT Network Security department would have to do on their own.


Finance departments are required by law to conduct audit reviews. This is done to insure compliance and secure business operations.


A poor security audit could lead to a material weakness which can be devastating in a company’s annual financial report. Because of the importance for this type of reporting, most companies will seek out network security firms to help provide this service.

CyberSec provides a thorough security dashboard detailed report identifying risks and mitigation recommendations which can pass these types of audits with quality assurance. PCI-DSS compliance and ATM network security analysis reporting is also available.

Network Encryption:

Data transmissions of financial banking data must have some of the highest security encryption, available. A CyberSec network security analyst will validate bank network security processing with a company and the banking network security platform. Network security encryption standards must be reviewed on a periodic basis so certificates are up-to-date.

Healthcare (HIPAA)

Over the years, the industry and government identified the importance of protecting citizen’s private information such as medical records or insurance information. In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability Accounting Act was enacted by the federal government. This was to ensure data information privacy as well as important frameworks for health insurance coverage. CyberSec network security professionals will help you leverage their expertise to insure user account privacy and security.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII):

A person’s electronic data must have HIPAA network security vulnerability risks tested and validated so PII informationis fully encrypted and protected at all times. CyberSec provides this expertise to ensure both secure user information and audit finding reviews to help for HIPAA compliance.

Why do you need a leading network security consultant?

Network security is a constant, dynamic, ever-changing environment. Networks require 24-hour automated monitoring, alerting, and frequent risk mitigation updates to stay ahead of the hackers on a day-to-day basis.

All of these security levels required to manage a company’s network can be managed better by working with your CyberSec network security expert, the industry-experienced security network specialists.

CyberSec network security assessments include Executive Summary, Risk Mitigation Recommendations, and Network Security Risk Management Roadmap reporting. CyberSec provides quality service with detailed risk mitigation reporting, process improvement recommendations, and industry proven standards for your network support teams to use. This ensures a strong, safe and robust network security topology for your entire company.

From network security control policy recommendations, identifying and listing network security gaps in your current design, and also providing “best-in-breed” encryption methodologies, CyberSec providesa complete network system security evaluation approach saving your company months of work.