Data Collection and Preservation

data-collection-preservationPreserving business data for legal requirements is necessary during situations involving legal investigations. Issuing a legal hold order which informs the person participating in the examination to not erase and change their electronic storage data due to a review currently being underway, is not enough to ensure the preservation of data evidence.

With CyberSec, we provide the necessary data collection and preservation strategies needed to protect in-scope data files for forensics or legal examination purposes. We give you the best practices that facilitate chain-of-control responsibilities to meet a company’s electronic data collection requirements during a judicial inquiry.

Types of Data We Work With

  • Mobile Devices
  • Backup Media
  • Retention Policy Control
  • Email Inbox Archives

Mobile Devices

Portable mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets are always a challenge for computer evidence collection and preservation. Unless mobile devices have a Mobile Data Management (MDM) solution or locked-down access configuration preventing users to tamper with their stored data, dataprotection may not be possible.

We help your teams plan and create an off-device storage capacity strategy, as well as file storage encryption methodologies to help store and preserve mobile digital information to a safely controlled location on the cloud. We give support management teams the confidence and security needed to shelter this evidence from any chance of malicious intent.

Backup Media

Servers, workstations, storage area networks (SANs), and mobile devices for company use require file storage systems that safely backs up data from these devices using incremental or full backup strategies, on a regularly scheduled basis. CyberSec can not only provide the frameworks your administrators can use in their backup-recovery planning, but we also give the latest industry-proven security strategies for retrieval and recovery support.

Retention Policy Control

User data such as medical information must adhere to strong compliance legal guidelines, such as the ones directed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Not only must investigated user data meet these legal requirements, but also needs to be validated as meeting HIPAA retention standards. We work with your audit support and administrative teams to identify and implement enforcement policies, both technical and legal, to ensure the highest management for digital evidence preservation is fully maintained.

Email Inbox Archives

Electronic email messaging that could potentially contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with user account information, needs to be managed carefully should the information be used ina current legal investigation.

Our experts can give Email Administrators all the procedures and workflows needed to not only better manage retention policies, but also integration solutions designed to safeguard illegal transport and erasure that may be required for possible forensic data collection examinations.

Why hire Data Collection Preservation Experts?

CyberSec’s expertise with data forensics and collection management can give an organization the quality assurance it needs to better manage in-scope evidence requiring detailed scrutiny during a legal investigation.

Fines due to unintended storage incompetence can be very expensive for companies to manage during litigation trials and it’s important to make sure your business has the strongest preservation practices and procedures in place from experienced subject-matter-experts like CyberSec professional services.