Enterprise Forensics

enterprise-forensicsHaving Enterprise Forensic platforms managed by your company’s support teams will help providestrong value towardson-going evaluationand investigation planning activities. Enterprise Forensic platform solutions help provide end-to-end post analysis data which gives support departments the ability to identify evidence that can be pursued or sent to legal authorities to manage.

CyberSec provides company in-house teams the framework structures needed to give solid investigations the strongest optimal results, possible. We provide system planning for manageable information collection, analysis reviews, and preserving captured findings of a recent incident for future legal reference.

Our assessment professionals will provide the mapping planning needed so staff can benefit from best practicesusing forensic capturing systems. We help you save staff weeks or months of setup times, architectural workflow identification settings, and solid record-tracking designs to help you get the most out of your forensic platform systems.

Strategy planning areas include:

  • Security Breach
  • In-House Forensics Team
  • Forensic Collection
Security Breach

Once a breach incident occurs inside the organization, administrative teams react and respond with the fastest time available to remediate, capture, and collect intrusion data in the most efficient manner, possible.

When relevant information captures are processed, mitigation tasks are escalated and assigned to production administration teams to manage. The artifacts-of-evidence is thencapturedandarchived in a parallel effort during support remediation management. This information will be used for post root-cause analysis, service recovery team review, or potentially as legal evidence based on the data type captured during the related breach.

We haveyears of extensive expertise and experience working with Security Breach Management. This will help provide support teams the workflow template maps needed to use your forensictoolseffectively in a streamlined approach. This willsaveyour staff weeks of architectural workflow designing with proven, industry best practice approaches that can be strongly leveraged and implemented bringing years of security quality assurance.

In-House Forensics Team

When creating “Tiger” defensive response teams to manage Enterprise Forensics systems, it’s important to identify the roles and responsibilities assigned to each contributing member. Our infrastructure evaluation that includes current workflows that will help business layout the resource management roles, and help you get the most value out of your forensic environment.

Forensic Collection

Data forensics activities includecapturingincident collection, system audit log entries are captured, archived, and put on current company’s retention policy. Network-related computer traffic is captured and used with collection evidence. Using forensics network toolsets, decoding of malicious packets, identify offending sessions, gather historical network information, and utilizing advanced packet inspection techniques can greatly assist getting the most out of forensic management environments.

Why Hire Enterprise Forensic Design Experts?

CyberSec has real-world data capturing experience which your business willgreatly benefit from by using our knowledge to design new or improve current collecting workflows.We work with your departments so you get the strongest value out for your forensics in-house needs, assessing and providing the structures which bring efficient and effective “Chain of Custody” management that includes improved control policy templates and electronic artifact reviews.