Expert Participation in Investigative Actions / Forenic witnesses

expert-forensic-witnessDuring criminal investigations, law enforcement agencies require the services of Digital Investigation professionals to contribute to recovering relevant digital data files and documentation.s They work to identify the most significant technical evidence, and present the findings as a Digital Forensics Expert witness in court.

CyberSec is specialized in the latest forensic digitalexploratory methodologies that produce reliable and robust digital evidence findings in a clear and concise presentation. Our many years of real world, Black Hat cyber-criminal technical experience leveraging White Hat best practices will give the highest quality during a digital-related investigation.

Our Investigative Forensic services include:

  • Technology Investigative Services
  • Digital Evidence Integrity Assessments
  • Forensics Analysis
Technology Investigative Services

Our specialists provide a wide range of investigative services. As the Computer Forensic Expert Witness, our job is to identify, retrieve and deliver accurate data information requests based on the current need defined by our law enforcement investigation partner.

Identifying the evidence: We thoroughly scan the hardware or software equipment that is being served as evidence and implement data seizure recoveries based on the kind of information discovered. We then validate the identified media and log validation proof methodologies used so it can presented to support the credibility of the evidence in question.

Retrieval Service: Once the targeted digital media in question has been identified; we use our advanced computer forensic toolsets and techniques to copy the data from the original format type. For example, if the file resides ina database file or word processing document, we carefully recover this evidence with all the attributes, meta-information, and binary content fully intact. This type of process can carefully extractinformation from hard drives, computer memory, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, system event log files, cloud services, or network logging systems.

Evidence Delivery: Our recovered artifact-of-evidenceof information, once it’s fully validated, is recorded and documented in a general format and detailed report so the public can understand the forensic material presented. This helps non-technical users tounderstand betterby providing a basic presentation layout, without being overwhelmed by detailed jargon or needing advanced technical knowledge, ahead of time.

Digital Evidence Integrity Assessments

Validating the integrity of digital media requires a thoroughly analyzed and documented procedure, so no data contamination occurs during the probing process. Our advanced integrity assessment examinations can give law enforcement agencies a robust and reliable artifact-of-proof when it comes to verifying the evidence being identified and extracted for legal presentation purposes. Data files or digital media is not altered or changed in anyway, and we present digital-header attribute information at the binary level to display digital evidence credibility.

We also provide transaction event log file information when the information is pertinent to the case. Our system entry retrievals are always accompanied by Event ID information that must fully match the System ID information generated for activity authenticity validation. Any evidence related to encrypted transactions will also include the end-to-end handshaking session digital labels to help verify any cryptography-related evidence recovery.

Forensics Analysis

Our Computer Forensic Expert Team provides the most advanced and thorough forensic analysis system reviews using the latest in digital information retrieval techniques. Even when a cyber-criminal attempts to remove or erase digital files from hard drives, we can provide the services needed to recover incriminating data. This data can then be presented as future evidence that our Computer Expert Witness professional can give with confidence, in a court of law.

We can alsoimplement an end-to-end trace based on any hacker or malicious user activity involved in the case. CyberSec can report network or process related authentication activity and present it during the investigation

Why hire a Computer Forensics Investigator?

Handling computer data and documentation in a crime scene requires extensive knowledge and experience from a Computer Forensics Expert witness who is essential to a cyber-related investigation.

CyberSec Forensic Specialists have the foresight and knowledge with some of the best subject-matter-experts when it comes to digital hardware and software evidence examinations. Using ourqualified security experts will help implementthe detailed digital evidence retrieval needed to manage carefully and efficientlythe technology-related proof to help contribute and enhance your computer research requirement in a criminal investigation.

Our many years of real-world forensic expertise insight can help deliver the necessary information needed togive your legal teams the research confidence for any computer-related digital interrogation.