Botnet Monitoring

botnets_monitoringThe long-time use of Distributed-Denial-of-Service, (DDoS) Botnet attacks, is one of the most common and frequently used cyber-criminal techniques in cyberspace, today. Because the practice is so abundant and prevalent throughout the internet, it’s just as important for having the most sophisticated Botnetcapturing tools available for your company’s security needs.

The CyberSec security professional teams are the leading Botnet specialists for real-world prevention & Botnet monitoring systems. We help provide not only full risk and vulnerability assessment reviews related to Botnet mitigation, but also give your technical administrative teams the latest in industry-proven, best practice techniques to help manage and remediate this threat on an on-going basis.

Botnet Monitoring Services Include:

  • Botnet Types
  • Staying Current Practices
  • Man in the Middle Mitigation

Botnet Types

There are many different types of Botnet attacks used on the internet. A DDoS Botnet attack can be used to overwhelm a server’s resources by flooding its network connection with TCP UDP flooding attacks. There are application type Botnet attacks that can exploit the web application’s response timing weakness to overwhelm the system or cause internal buffer overflow processing. Botnet types can also be used for email spamming, network sniffing, or mass malware infection attacks to responding services on the internet. There are free hacker toolkits available on the internet for malicious users to download. These kits are used by advanced hackers, but also amateur hackers or “Script Kiddies” that can easily implement various types of Botnet attacks

Because so many variations can potentially attack your cyberspacepresence related systems, it’s important to have experienced professionals like CyberSec to give your technical administration teams the security planning needed to manage these everyday Botnet situations.

Staying Current

Since the volume of Botnet types are both changing and growing, every day, Botnet monitoring must be as current as possible to help filter, detect, and mitigate the latestBotnetThreat attacks that are trying to impact your systems.

Firewall or network appliances should always have the up-to-dateBotnet detection and removal updates shared by the security professional community with their support vendors. Updating your systems on a regular but frequent basis without overwhelming your configurations requires careful design and process validation.

CyberSec’s years of real-world setup experience will help your company leverage our assessment findings reports and technical recommendations analysis documentation. Using industry-proven best practices and real-world experiences, our Botnet specialists will give you the overall protection your environment needs when it comes to staying on top and current with Botnet threat attacks.

Man in the Middle

Botnet attacks are being used, more and more frequently to help hide Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) techniques. This nefarious procedure will attempt to flood communication packets while secretly inserting an MITM for numerous malicious purposes. Even encryption or public-key information can be compromised using this type of attack which is why it’s crucial to have the most effective and sophisticated countermeasures available to protect your infrastructure’s environment.

Our Botnet subject-matter-experts can provide the latest and most advanced mitigation practices for quality assurance and reliable threat prevention against these types of breaches.

Why hire Botnet Technology Specialists?

CyberSec Botnet Technology specialists utilize the latest in advanced prevention methods that your company will actively benefit from for future risk mitigation and preventive frameworks for Botnet monitoring and prevention.

Our years of experience and real-world knowledge with Botnet techniques will help provide the defensive planning and filters needed to manage your day-to-day web and network services. We assess and provide with strategies and planning for on-going updates and escalation methodologies that will help ensure the most robust framework, possible when it comes to Botnet protection.