Incident Investigation

incident-investigationCyberSec is the Incident Investigators-of-Choice for post-evaluating breaches or security violations, ascertaining the cause, and working with your teams to shore up your security framework for forthcoming threat protection against similar intrusions. Incident Management (IcM) requires detailed reviews to cover all areas impacted by the incident.

Our real-world Black and White Hat investigation experience can be the best asset your support teams can have. We can help show your staff how to manage these types of violations. We work together with your teams to help in identifying the cause and to create future prevention planning.

Incident Review Analysis includes:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Post Forensics Collections
  • Evaluate – Mitigate – Anticipate
Root Cause Analysis

After an incident has occurred, we can work with your teams through interviews, physical and data related information gathering, and event timeline reviews. We utilize some of the best industry practices to deliver a full picture of cause, effect, and resolution during the event examination.

Our subject-matter-expert professional investigative teams can bring Ishikawa diagram analysis, IcM Identification, Classification, Categorization, and Investigative diagnosis so your teams can see every aspect possible needed to target the root cause of the incident. With the root-cause identified, our teams work with individual(s) or groupmeeting interviews with the involved parties. We create the incident timeline using all pertaining fault tree components that will help make upcoming mitigation a tangible and reliable solution towards future protection for your environment.

Post Forensic Collections

CyberSec works with your technical, administrative teams to dive into event log file recording. We help you investigate the physical evidence, transaction trails both digital and paper-trail related, which is consolidated together for a complete end-to-end picture of the entire incident. Storage or network device examinations using the latest in incident investigation technologies are used to search, identify, and report back digital media anomalies related to the case, (e.g. the digital fingerprints of the crime).

A digital forensic investigationis initiated once the preliminary scope of the crime is defined so your teams can find out with confidence what perpetrators were involved. External Hackers? Internal Disgruntled Employees? Virus Trojan attackers? Wireless network breach intrusions? These are areas of expertise we specialize in when it comes to your teams needing to culminate an incident investigation program.

Evaluate – Mitigate – Anticipate

From cyber-criminal related incident investigations, to potential accident/incident investigation procedure reviews, CyberSec can provide the knowledge and expertise needed for your support teams to use, work and grow with to ensure your security framework at your organization is stable when it comes to investigative evaluations.

Our approach is detailed but also simple so your administration can manage the practice for future incidents. Identifying all aspects of the occurrence is key to having the foundation to cover all questions asked by what caused the incident. Putting into place the necessary tasks to mitigate the internal or external process and procedure weaknesses is paramount for building the security walls needed in the violated area of interest.

Evaluating, Mitigating, and then the most important part, Anticipating any similar imminent threats through technology or process improvement controls is essential for the most fortified and well-rounded incident investigation your organization will benefit from, for years to come.

Why hire Incident Investigation Experts?

Our Incident Inspectionexperts and investigation specialists use the latest, industry-proven methodologies, to not only aid in your company’s current incident situation, but to give your support teams the tools needed for future risk mitigation and investigative frameworks for IcM implementations.

CyberSec has the experience, the tools, and the years of knowledge towards criminal investigations that your company can leverage without the need for extensive employee re-training, or months of research and effort to manage these types of situations. With CyberSec, you can count on our professional experts to deliver the highest quality possible when it comes to managing your incident inspection needs.