Online Banking Fraud Investigation

online-bank-fraud-investigationFinancial institutes continue to build their security infrastructures as cyber-criminals become more and more creative and innovative with their schemes and account hacking techniques. The volume of violated customer accounts, while not publically shared unless it involved a global breach, continues to increase every year.

Many institutes have pursued the policy of verifying the account breach occurred, reimburse the person(s) violated, and make changes to the user’s profile settings to try and prevent future violations. This is but one example of Online Banking Fraud situations, and why it’s crucial to prepare for policies and procedures for these types of Online Banking Fraud investigations.

Preparing for this growing problem in the banking industry is what CyberSec specializes in for helping your teams assess and manage all pre-and-post contingency planning needed to help mitigate these risks, or manage them properly should they occur.

What We Investigate:

  • Malicious Software
  • Fraudulent Email
  • Employee Initiated Fraud
  • Identity Theft

Malicious Software

From system keyboard keylogger viruses to browser-malware attached extensions, our threat prevention teams work with your financial department and IT staff to ensure that any prevention measures needed, are put correctly into place should a bank fraud prevention process orexamination incident require implementation.

Fraudulent Email

One of the most frequently used hacker methodologies is the false email and website link. Cyber-criminals will send a fake message to a customer’s email address with false links to their temporary sites to capture your username, password or account information. These attack types can come in as password change alerts, monetarydiscrepancy alerts, or anything that gives you a false sense of assurance that the hacker can prey upon.

We work with your support groups for threat prevention best practices, but also give your staff the templates and techniques needed to mitigate the breach as efficiently and effectively as possible, along with taking into consideration the legal requirements for your existing electronic privacy user’s agreement.

Employee Initiated Fraud

The highest standards of digital and process protection should always be considered to prevent internal fraud attempts by a malicious employee trying to steal funds from your banking systems. We work with your technical, management, and administrative teams to come up with the logging transaction trigger strategies needed for complete audit trail reporting should online banking fraud initiated by a staff or business partner, occur.

Technology, Human Resource, and Legal dependencies are strongly involved with the quality investigative techniques we help provide during an Online Banking Fraud employee inquiry.

Identity Theft

One of the hardest situations to prevent is Identity Theft. When a hacker can simulate digitalinformation, there is not a lot an automated system can do to stop the fraudulent activity from proceeding.

That is why we work with your banking partners and technical support teams on assessing and recommending the highest identity access management best practices possible to help mitigate these types of threats.

Information-challenge questions, multi-factor authentication, SSL/TLS link encapsulation, pin numbers, biometrics, and other industry-proven quality assured methodologies are provided using our many years in security system fortification.

Why Hire Online Bank Fraud Security Specialists?

The bank fraud investigation process requires experienced, subject-matter-expert attention and careful handling when working with policies and procedures that are part of your customer’s electronic privacy agreements.

We have the Online Bank Fraud securityexpertswho use the latest methodologies, to give your support administration the tools, assessments, and planning procedures required for future risk mitigation and investigative frameworks related to banking financial incidents.

CyberSec has the experience and years of knowledge towards banking criminal investigations that your company can leverage without the need for extensive staff re-training, or months of research and effort to manage these types of situations.