Cyber Incident Readiness Planning

??????????????????Being prepared before a Cyber Incident occurs is the key to successful security protection when it comes to data breaches, access violations, or compromised data information. Being able to understand, anticipate, react, and mitigate in an accurate and immediate response level is accomplished through detailed early planning and assessment reviews. CyberSec has the knowledge and years of real-world incident response planning experience to anticipate for every contingency should a minor or major Cyber Incident occur.

We provide planning methodologies, the latest in readiness tools, and the finest industry-supported best practice techniques available to ensure your organization has the strongest Business Continuity frameworks in place for all your threat prevention needs.

Our services for planning coverage includes:

  • Current Response Assessment
  • Response and Readiness Planning
  • Communication Planning
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies
Current Response Assessment

What if your company had a major data breach? A breach you could have prevented just by putting in place ahead of time the controls to monitor and protect your systems and data information. Anticipating, identifying, planning, and implementing a robust cyber security readiness strategy requires reviewing how your environments, process and procedure controls behave today and then improving on them with assessments and escalation planning.

We work with your teams to assess your current cyber readiness response solutions. We review your existing automated solutions, as well as, your support interactions with existing process and procedures, based on the kind of breach or violation situations that potentially could occur. By taking a snapshot of your environments and systems, we help you implement thequality risk and planning assessments, needed. This helps give your teams the baseline of improvement metrics using Key Performance Indicator (KPI) strategies to help your infrastructure build and improve upon for Cyber Incident Readiness preparations.

Response and Readiness Planning

The type of incident defines the response levelrequired to protect your organization. Firewalls and network appliances are setup to anticipate for distinct types of cyber-attacks, and can respond with pre-configured countermeasures that initiate and just record the event, so your staff is fully aware of the incident. This specific protection level, for example, may already have a pre-planned response control in place, so automation is your front line of defense, and limited staff administration is not required.

But what about the attacks that can cripple your business? What about a database breach taking all your customer’s credit card information by the hundreds or thousands? Not only has your customer’s personal information been compromised, but your reputation and public confidence has been impacted. This could cost your company millions of dollars to mitigate publically or possibly may never be able to recover from.

Having a full contingency plan for protecting and responding to these kinds of situations, fortified with years of cyber incident experience, is the quality assurance services CyberSec specializes in. Our security subject-matter-experts give your organization the templates, workflows, and assessment reviews needed to anticipate for these types of Cyber Incident attacks.

Communication Planning

One of the most difficult methodologies for Cyber Incident Readiness Planning is implementing your company’s own support escalation tree for emergency communication management. When it comes to a cyber-readiness challenge like prioritizing and understanding impact levels,role management planning is essential. Quality planning helps define escalating paths to the correct personnel when it’s required; Communication Planning is a framework that needs to be addressed and updated on an on-going basis.

Service Recovery, Emergency Response, Root Cause Analysis, and Leadership response teams need to be immediately contacted at a moment’s notice. These activities can vary based on the category and level of severity the incident is causing to your company’s safety.

Our process management specialists will help provide the planning and procedure documents for a Cyber Incident event. We work with your staff using department reviews of roles and responsibilities, and template them to appropriate response levels using Desktop Exercise activities that can be implemented by our subject-matter-experts or given to your security administrators. This will provide year-round support for keeping up-to-date Escalation Planning Tree so your teams have the right people for the right job when it’s needed the most.

Continuous Improvement Strategies

Annual assessments are of paramount importance when it comes to having a current, up-to-date, and reliable Cyber Incident Readiness Planning structure in place. Business activities throughout the year bring constant change to employees, processes, procedures, updates, and newly introduced solutions that may not havebeen coveredby last year’s review.

CyberSec can provide the “checks-and-balances” needed, on an annual or periodic basis, to give your organization the quality assurance it needs to ensure all your Cyber Incident Preparedness structures are as up-to-date as possible.

Why hire Cyber Incident Readiness Planning Specialists?

Our Cyber Incident Readiness professionals use the latest in industry-proven methodologies, incident situation scenario testing, and years of real-world experience to give your administrators the skills and tools necessary for all your Cyber Incident management needs.

CyberSec has the knowledge, toolsets, and the years of Cyber Incident protection strategies that your business can leverage to help manage these types of situations.