Cyber Incident Response Testing

cyber-incident-response-testingTiming is everything. When it comes to your organization’s security incident escalation and protection concerns, it is even more important. Even more challenging is how do you measure performance in response timing situations that do not frequently happen or affects your company in different ways from serious to extreme?

Data breaches, access violations, stolen identity phishing activities occur more oftenthan you realize. That is why it is important to assess your current threat prevention frameworks and access systems through simulated attack exercises, process reviews, and vulnerability penetration tests to bring these risks to light so mitigation and improvement is implemented on an on-going basis.

CyberSec is the industry expert professionals who can provide the quality assurance needed to remediate all these risk assessment concerns.

Our Cyber Incident Response Testing specializations are:

  • Simulated Attack Evaluations
  • Desktop Table Exercises
  • Security Awareness

Simulated Attack Evaluations

In order to effectively measure Cyber Incident Response effectiveness at your company, our experts can help provide situation simulations using technology-oriented penetration (Pen) analysis, as well as synthetic user transactions to identify support response timings by either personnel or automated IT systems. Our testing methodologies also include evaluating your wireless network integrity, email content privacy communication, and local server and workstation virus protection to ensure a robust and thorough threat prevention examination review.

We work with your teams to gather and collect reaction behavior-related data to give your business full risk assessments and improvement dashboard reporting to safeguard and improve your current office and data center environments.

Desktop Table Exercises

Testing Cyber Incident Response scenarios requires evaluating your current IT controls, procedures, policies, and escalation workflows to assess whether there is a weakness or failure in the process. Desktop Table drillsare used for just that, ensuring that your IT controls are working optimally, as originally designed, or if improvements are needed.

Our evaluation group works with your teams on Desktop analysis exercises that also includes internal communication support trees and escalation priorities to ensure they are working correctly and efficiently.

Security Awareness

CyberSec can provide Security Awareness workshops and classes using our many years of real-world infiltration experience. For example, if your employees who use a smart-swipe card to gain access to restricted areas, do they hold the door open once their access is approved to a possible stranger, giving them entrance through a misguided act of kindness?

This example is the most common and easiest way a cybercriminal or malicious user can gain illegal admittance to your facilities. Our classes keep your employees in a healthysafety-oriented mindset by using day-to-day prevention best practices to ensure these types of incidents are sufficiently mitigated.

Email etiquette, parking lot alertness, scripted phone call responses, and building admission practices are but a few of the many skillsets your staff will greatly benefit from thanks to our workshops and human resource materials we help provide to your management teams, to use year-round for newly on boarded employees or periodic refresher workshops.

Why hire Cyber Incident Response Specialists?

Our Cyber Incident Response expertsuse the latest industry-proven methodologies, evaluation procedures, and best practices to help your company’s current incident situation support response planning. We help give your support teams the knowledge and experience needed for future risk mitigation and investigative frameworks for Cyber Incident Response workflow integrity.

CyberSec has the real-world subject-matter-experts and years of experience needed so that your company can leverage our knowledge without the necessary extensive employee re-training, or trial-and-effort research to manage these types of situations. With CyberSec, you can count on strong techniques and best practices that deliver the highest quality possible when it comes to managing your incident response evaluation needs.