Host Intrusion Analysis

host-intrusion-analysisProtecting your server host environments requires detailed planning both at the architecture and monitoring level of implementation. With Host Intrusion Detection (HID) systems and Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) systems, monitoring and response support balances must be carefully measured.

Host Intrusion solutions must be thoroughly analyzed and defined and implemented to provide your host platforms the most robust security infrastructure, possible.

CyberSec has Host Intrusion expertise to get the most out of your designing effectiveness for your current or future host intrusion detection and prevention systems.

We specialize in important areas of host intrusion analysis, such as:

  • Operating System Types
  • Architecture Policies
  • Agent Monitoring

Operating System Types

Host-related HIDs and HIPs can come in various types based on the operating system it is protecting. A Host Intrusion monitoring agent is installed on the pertaining host server, acting as a digital guardian based on policy and control settings your team has configured for it to monitor. OS HIDs/HIPs can vary, such as Tripwire™, IBM Proventia™, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention™, Cisco CSA™, Symantec Endpoint Protection™, and many more.

We help your teams utilize your existing Host Intrusion systems, as optimal as possible. We also have years of expertise in helping your teams choose the best industry-proven platforms that will best fit your current business needs in security protection for the environment.

Architecture Policies

Detailed Host Intrusion Analysis is needed so your staff can identify the most effective areas best to use your Host Intrusion agent and central repository solution. We work with your staff on identifying, and recommending the most important process areas to monitor for your server environments. Alert targets such as host services, domain naming services (DNS), hardware component monitoring, network authentication into the host, to help protect all these technology areas, just to name a few. These pre-defined control configurations would use architecture policy settings so your teams can manage data or alert collection more effectively.

We help provide Host Intrusion Monitoring planning and protection strategies along with detailed, filtered alert logging audit settings. From our assessment evaluation findings analysis, we help give your business a robust Host Intrusion Analysis report for quality assurance.

Agent Monitoring

Host intrusion detection platform monitoring is a science of both targeting and balance. Because security exposure event entries can sometimes number in the hundreds of thousands in less than an hour, even on a single server host system, data collection, and escalation settings require careful technical designing and foresight.

The saying “paralysis by over-analysis” is right when it comes to analyzing “raw” data collection logs without the proper planning. Without control filtering and rule-sets, your IT staff would have to go through entries in the millions.

Our many years of host intrusion techniquesusing real-world security best practices can help provide your staff the advantage it needs, without the extra effort for extensive equipment or business application inventory reviews.

Why hire Host Intrusion Analysis Experts?

Our Host Intrusion experts and event log monitoring specialists with years of Host Intrusion Analysis experience, uses the latest, industry-proven methodologies. We help give your company the highest quality of Host Intrusion planning and strategic escalation alert assessments so you can get the most out of your current Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention environments.

CyberSec has the expertise, the knowledge, and years of event audit monitoring experience. Your company can leverage our professional assessments and finding reports without the need for extensive employee re-training, or months of research and effort to manage these types of audit control configurations.

With CyberSec, you can count on our professional experts to deliver the highest quality possible when it comes to managing your Host Intrusion Analysis needs.