Malware Analysis and Investigation

malware-analysisMalicious software (Malware) has been a primary transport tool infecting computers with Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Rootkits for most of the cyber-criminal community since the internet popularity began over a decade ago.

These outbreak types can vary from password recording, boot sector corrupting, website re-directing, to device performance attacks or intentional software corruption infections that can cripple or steal your local data, applications, or operating system.

Because Malware comes in many formats, extensive support maintenance is required. From browser webpage delivery to stealth-like application insertions, this intrusive form of attack has been one of the most visible and severeinfection problems plaguing computers around the world for many years.

CyberSec has international specialists thoroughly trained with real-world Black Hat Malware design and prevention experience with insight on delivering quality enterprise-level security protection for any size business or organization.

Our Malware experts can provide the latest countermeasure procedures, from browsers to firewalls, for your business to take advantage of using the latest cyber-criminal attack techniques to help adequately protect your environment from Malware breakouts.

Our services for Malware prevention strategies include:

  • First Line of Defense Strategy
  • Incident Response Planning
  • System Protection Maintenance
  • Forensics Investigation
First Line of Defense Strategy

The most important way to protect your organization from Malware breakouts is to put into place Defense-in-Depth strategies to cover infrastructure security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that Malware attacks can exploit.

Using the right Virus Protection applications, Firewall Solutions, or Network Appliance devices with the correct policy settings is key to creating a robust internal and external Malware protection strategy. Policy context management is the cornerstone to a successful defensive perimeter. Because Malware has so many different ways to attack your PCs or Server platforms, you want to make sure your administration team is adequately prepared. They need to have the tools to effectively monitor, identify and mitigate immediate intrusions as soon as possible.

CyberSec is specialists with years of experience to deliver policy setting recommendations that can cover all your Malware protection needs. We have highly qualified Malware prevention specialists available when it comes to assessing, and providing policy setting strategies. We provide specializations for all major security platforms that would give your business the quality assurance when it comes to anticipating Malware attacks.

Incident Response Planning

Malware incidents, should a breach or attack succeed and be detected, requires immediate response attention to your onsite or Cloud partner support teams. From Desktop or Server Engineers cleaning local infections to Network Administrators implementing filtering protection from infected packet traffic, an Incident Response Plan must be initiated to manage these issues.

We can deliver assessment and recommendation reports to help fortify your current Malware Incident Planning procedures and help give your staff the latest Malware protection methodologies, so immediate attention and mitigation issues are addressedas efficiently as possible.

System Protection Maintenance

When Malware variation attacks occur, they can be global events that are transported over cyberspace or possibly over distributed software applications. Malware types such as Reign, Zero day, CryptoLocker, and hundreds more can re-appear with a slight “variation” format that can get past your current Virus protection application. Because of this, dozens of leading Virus Software companies must immediately send out updates “after” a major Malware variation has been discovered.

If the exploit is operating system related, major companies such as Microsoft™, Google™, or Apple™, must also send security patching updates to all of its currently supported customers.

CyberSec can give you the planning strategies to help you effectively manage all these workstation or server maintenance activities and also ensure patching and update procedures are as optimal as possible from all your vendor support groups.

Forensics Investigation

Malware analysis is frequently initiated after a Malware occurrence has been detected. Malware threat analysis techniques are implemented based on the type of breach that occurred from the breakout event. It’s important that a Root Cause Analysis using Malware forensic tools is initiated and completed, so your administrative teams have the risks, and vulnerabilities identified and mitigated to preventsimilar future variation occurrences. Examples of this can be your local company’s supported internet browser allows users to install browser add-on toolbars that potentially deliver a Malware infection onto your computer workstations or servers without you realizing it.

We have the latest, industry-proven permission configurations available for all major Internet browser providers so you can configure your local permissions at a global level, so your internet users do not accidently install a malicious Malware installer.

Why hire Malware Investigation Experts?

CyberSec are experienced technical specialists when it comes to Malware Forensics, Malware Perimeter protection, and Malware Protection Setting recommendations that your company can benefit from by using our assessment and platform evaluation services.

Annual or periodic environment reviews will help your business stay on top of the most recent Malware threats and prevention plans, while also providing your support teams the necessary knowledge and vulnerability validations to keep your environments as reliable and secure, as possible, when it comes to on-going Malware remediation tactics.