Our many years of real-world experience when it comes to cybercriminal prevention planning covers all local and international industry organizations, and their security framework needs. Our many services that span all defense-in-depth methodologies include Compliance Evaluations, Digital Investigations, Risk Management, Data Recovery, Penetration Testing, Strategic Mitigation Planning, End-Point Strategies, SCADA Integrity testing, and Social Engineering remediation procedures that fits all industry-types who use and benefit from internet cyberspace networking systems.

CyberSec Security Industry specializations include:

  • Government
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Data Center
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Finance
  • Legal & Professional Services


Local, national, and international government security Red Team services, risk evaluation teams, vulnerability testing services, and audit control process and procedures are services CyberSec can help provide your agency when it comes to the latest in hacker system prevention planning.


Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Banking online transactions, and computer network integrations into your retail asset control systems can get the benefits of leveraging CyberSec’s latest security integrity evaluation techniques to help your computer support teams identify and improve on your existing retail infrastructure network.


From HIPAA compliance requirements, medical plant facilities, to secure patient identity management information, our teams can provide the templates and workflows needed, along with process penetration analysis, to ensure your medical products and customer accounts are as secure as possible.

Data Center

Server Systems managing millions of dollars in monetary transactions and customer user information can rely on CyberSec to give your site the full defense-in-depth planning and audit controls needed to shore up your existing infrastructure perimeter while also providing on-going security life cycle solution strategies your data center support teams can use for years to come.

Small & Medium Business

From small to moderate size companies, no commercialservice should be left defenseless due to size and resource availability on your existing security framework. When working with your IT Support teams, we make sure that no matter what the size your organization is, you are getting a full, World-Class, Enterprise-treated security evaluation with the highest in quality assurance when it comes to managing modern threats from the cybercriminal community.


Patient privacy and security are essential for the strongest Healthcare security environment. Insurance systems, patient pension schemes, user identity management accounts, and HIPAA compliance business requirements are all taken into consideration and are included in our extensive risk assessment evaluations and report findings that can help bring your existing Healthcare information systems to the next level.


Student account privacy, from school grades to curriculum study, to financial institute information for grants or paying for your schooling expenses. Our Education Security subject-matter-experts will help you implement a holistic and value-adding threat deterrence plan that includes the strongest end-to-end protection technology implementation for all levels in your student and faculty user community.

Media & Entertainment

Counterfeit DVDs, hacked cable or dish boxes, hijacked television service broadcasts, and stolen music media are just some of the areas our security technology architecture specialists can help with when it comes to planning and implementing the latest in Copyright and Intellectual Property security protection to help meet all your entertainment company’s security needs.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Plant buildings and supply chain distribution centers requires extensive security attention when it comes to protecting product supply but also customer information to their accounts and financial services. Our facility site evaluations and system assessment toolsets help give your organization the strongest foundation that will encompass all your manufacturing and distribution security processing needs.

Energy & Utilities

Securing Energy and Utility services from cybercriminals, terrorist organizations, and malicious users is a crucial endeavor that our security specialists take intense pride in delivering high-quality services. Our assessment reviews cover all layers of facility security and SCADA evaluation testing to ensure full end-to-end security framework confidence in your local and national municipal services.


Money transaction administration in electronic form requires detailed validations, periodic life cycle audit examinations, and process improvement planning that also must adhere to the latest government regulations and best practice standards used in the industry, today. CyberSec provides these services, and more, with our experienced real-world cyber-specialist experts that use industry-driven requirements with today’s modern financial security control system technologies to cover all your financial system defensive framework requirements.

Legal & Professional Services

Electronic-related Litigation Administration, lawsuits, digital forensic investigations, and the newest in cyberincident type legal counsel are some of the best services CyberSec has to offer. Our many years of cybercriminal investigation experiences will give your legal services a solid foundation that also can benefit from our knowledge in industry threat prevention strategies and what best fits your current organization’s digital support needs.

Security Specializations – The importance in leveraging experience

With hacking and computer breaches on the continuing rise covering all of the various types of service and product manufacturing industries, today, the cost of implementing and managing security control systems is growing every year, exponentially.Managers must be wiser in how they invest their I.T. annual budget when it comes to instituting cyberspace insurance policy planning in the form of improved security systems, policies, and procedures to help protect your business environment as practical as possible.

By using security specialization services for periodic validation and improvement evaluations, you will ensure your vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated. This will help keep version controls current and security holes to a minimum.You will also be able to manage your budget resource portfolio better that’s available to you and your teams, as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Security Specialization services helps your company manage your security needs in “bite-size” portions that not only can improve your budget constraints, but also provide a manageable solutions approach for your current security staff availability by optimizing their time more on production management needs.

Allow CyberSec to be your security architecture specialists-of-choice when it comes to risk assessment reviews, threat prevention planning, digital forensics methodologies, and your company mainly benefiting from years of real-world cybercriminal incident scenario experience that can save your teams months of research time along with minimizing trial-and-error activities.