Lock backgroundComputer financial security continues to be one of the most challenging fields in information systems support. The type of threats that banks and financial institutes face today is not just “bank robbers” but scheming and planning levels of advanced technical sophistication that would even give the most educated scientist pause in trying to comprehend.

In 2002, Enron, WorldCom, and many other major institutes were called out by federal investigative teams from company employee “whistleblowers” who reported fraudulent disclosures of business earnings and internal controls. This was the beginning of the age of “Sarbanes-Oxley” (also known as SOX compliance) that ushered in the era of validation. Not just by auditors and white collar business employees, but by the security control systems and administrators who manage these systems. The definition of Finance Security changed from protecting financial information to also validating security to protect company integrity and credibility through regulatory laws that organizations must fully adhere to, today.

Financial Security best practices of all levels in a company’s prevention frameworks infrastructure and network perimeter requires experienced professionals with years of real-world knowledge and system expertise like CyberSec services.

We provide financial security evaluation assessments that include:

  • IT Security Controls
  • Process Assessment Reviews
  • Data Transport Integrity

IT Security Controls

While the SOX initiative was created to help validate and improvefinancial company data handling and access security integrity, it became apparent once these laws went into place that the computer tools interfacing with these systems also required equal attention in regards to validating security functionality.

Organizations such as Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) started becoming an important part of certifying computer systems with mapping frameworks. Frameworks such as Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) created by ISACA helped establish the foundations and principals towards corporate risk assessment evaluations. These standards helped identify computer security gaps with vulnerability reviews, network communication examinations, system protection strategies, and processing risk mitigation.

CyberSec’s financial risk assessment professionals are the leading industry experts when it comes to IT Security Control mapping strategies. We provide your teams with the procedures and inspections required to ensure you have the strongest matrix capabilities to meet all your financial security management needs.

Process Assessment Reviews

Having the latest software and hardware security protection may not be enough to protect your organizations from innovative, modern day cyber-criminalswho are determined to break into your systems.

Hackers now use the science of social engineering through process weaknesses to also infiltrate even the best of system designs. That’s why it’s so important to not only have the coverage on the technology aspect of threat prevention on every possible level, but also validations on the processes and procedures that maintain, manage, and support those same protection systems on a daily basis.

Our review services include Red Team practices using a series of Black and White Hat attack permutation strategies to help identify any patterns of security weakness in your current infrastructure environment. This helps give your organization the most robust prevention planning available when it comes to improving your existing financial system solutions and pertaining process access management.

Data Transport Integrity

Account numbers, financial business transactions, transferring of monetary fund’s electronically, are just some of the challenges companies must carefully plan and manage using the latest in encryption and data transport technology. Safely tunneling your daily financial business transactions requires a high confidence in security reliance with proper verifications, along with checks and balances ensuring point-to-point content delivery has been successfully achieved.

At CyberSec, we have the experience in real-world hacking methodologies that help avoid “man-in-the-middle” attacks, fraudulent access attempts, and we help strengthen your existing finance security transports using the latest framework practices leveraging Black Hat techniques with White Hat security best practices