Healthcare Data Security

Lock backgroundPersonal information, mainly related to a person’s medical history, requires special attention when it comes to protecting the computer data for an individual. With pharmacy and identity fraud on the rise internationally, every year, it requires more and more attention to government regulatory compliance teams to meet the demands of increasing IT security control systems. Control systems being added to environments to steadily manage the healthcare security requirements for compliance.

Our Healthcare analysisservices include:

  • HIPAA Compliance Awareness Review
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Retention Management

The importance of HIPAA

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), such as Title II, promotes and enforces policies, and requires security procedures for ensuring privacy on an individual’s health care account and history information.It does this by establishing regulatory rules of procedures to help Healthcare companies control potentialfraud or security risks on computer system environments that manage this type of electronic data information.

Healthcare Financial departments are working close with IT Support Personnel and must provide evidence-of-artifacts through monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews on these control systems and prove they are valid and are working as designed. Privacy legislation in place identifies litigation issues that legal departments must work hard to avoid and prevent for the benefit of the organization. CyberSec are HIPAA risk assessment are the inspection specialists that can give your support and legal departments the advantage in years of experience when it comes to identifying, mitigating and implement full lifecycle standards for your company’s daily Healthcare data management needs.

Infrastructure Review

Computer systems that manage medical provider identity information and patient database history is not the only infrastructure environments requiring detailed attention for HIPAA Compliance audits. Insurance companies, Pension Systems, and Benefit services must also adhere to security regulatory examinations when it comes to annual control assessment reviews and security analysis inspections.

An infrastructure environment housing medical-related Healthcare information systems must adequatelybe assessed for proper data security management. Specifically, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), medical record retention management, encryption integrity, account provisioning management, and database control policies requires regular penetration inspections, and Segregation of Duty evaluation tasks to ensure proper IT security controls are working correctly and as designed.

CyberSec provides leading industry HIPAA process and procedure assessments covering all aspects ofgood account data management and defense-in-depth best practices for enterprise environments. Our remediation reporting identifies the latest in compromised security risks, and modern audit control procedure planning so your teams have the strongest compliant infrastructure topology, possible, that stays ahead of the curb when it comes to current laws for Healthcare data security systems.

Retention Management

Having old and out-of-date data information related to health history and Healthcare benefits such as pension policies and insurance information can lead to poor record management, which cyber-criminals can quickly take advantage of as a target for their hacking information objectives.From three year cycles based on the type of data retention currently being backed up and housed, to long term, seven-year record retention policies, particular attention must be continuously given to ensure these controls are working effectively.

We give your Healthcare organization the planning and workflow designs required, saving your employee staff months of research and policy creation efforts to help bring in an optimized, government acknowledged, and manageable digital information retention life cycle process.

Why hire Healthcare System Assessment Experts?

CyberSec Healthcare Security system services can give your data management support teams a robust and reliable process-controlled infrastructurethat checks all your existing policies and procedures on a regularly scheduled basis, while also providing your support groups the improvement design plans needed to make certain your audits are controlled and efficient for your organization’s Healthcare audit reporting needs.

Oursubject-matter-experts can provide your teams the digital data management planning needed for HIPAA IT security control policies with a process life cycle review to help the solutions remain both efficient and reliable for your enterprise security maintenance teams.