Legal & Professional Security Services

Lock backgroundMost companies take legal services for granted until their needed for regulatory audit requirements, incident security infractions, system breaches, or significant contract review approvals with business partners or customer service policy management. Human Resource legal disclosure administration is continuously needed to manage employees and business engagements with partners or consulting services accessing your current systems.

CyberSec offers Legal and Professional services with subject-matter-experts and experienced legal counsel specialists that can givedependable, reliable, and secure professional assessment services for your organization to leverage and benefit from. We provide annual or by-request basis audit or legal consulting services that covers all areas of cybercriminalsituations and the legal implications for these types of incidents.

Our services also include:

  • Audit Control Regulatory Reviews
  • Investigative and e-Discovery Services
  • Litigation Technology Management

Audit Control Regulatory Reviews

Financial accounting management systems, policies, processes, and procedures, are under periodic scrutiny by audit control teams that provide business assurance evaluations and identity integrity validation to a company’s stockholders or loyal customer base user community.

These findingsare reflected in company annual reports on profits, revenue, and the legal reporting of any organization process weakness or security vulnerability it may find through these audit control exercises. A “material weakness” finding that must be reported in a company’s annual report could cost millions in reputation remediation, alone.

Our Legal and Professional audit service teams help to identify all the mitigation necessary to assess and recommend process corrections before adverse audit findings potentially become critical. We use the latest in industry-standard best practices along with years of professional system experience to provide a robust recommendations assessment report that can save your employees months of research to produce.

Investigative and e-Discovery Services

CyberSec has one of the strongest investigative technical specialist groups when it comes to evaluating real-world cybercriminal investigations. We use the latest in Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) technologies and services along with accumulative years of knowledge and real-world experience fortified with Black Hat techniques, Red Team methodologies, and White Hat best practices providing services with the latest in cyberspace digital forensic examinations that will meet all your legal and litigation requirements during a criminal investigation.

Litigation Technology Management

Using state-of-the-art in computer scanning forensics technology, CyberSec can give your investigative teams working with your legal departments an all-encompassing service that identifies digital court evidence artifacts from related compromised data files found on a storage device. Inspections also include log audit entry examination reviews with network communication breaches that can lead back to the source device and the criminal responsible.

Detailed metadata results through scanning examinations along with our advanced professional findings summary review will help strengthen any electronic-related evidence brought to court to ensure your legal staff have everything they need to make their case.

Why hireLegal & Professional Security Specialists?

CyberSec Legal and ProfessionalSecurity Technology experts provide the highest quality services in the industry when it comes to cybercriminal experience legal counsel, digital forensic investigations, and audit reporting delivery that also includestopology security system evaluations. Theseskillsets and experiencesare what your legal department and information support staff want to leverage when it comes to managing incident reviews and investigation initiatives requiring industry subject-matter-experts specializing in real-world cybercriminal situations.

Wegive quality assurancewhen it comes to discovering and identifying the most relevant information possible during an electronic inspection activity while also making sure to address the current legal ramifications and litigation planning related to the infraction currently under review.

Our Legal and Professional Security Teams can give your organizationa detailed report covering all aspects of the evidence discovered by analyzing metadata securityobjects, system event entries, and digital fingerprint evidence using the latest in advanced electronic datarecognition tools extracting case-related artifacts to present in a court of law, as needed.