Media & Entertainment Security

Lock backgroundWhen you are watching a movie, playing a video game, or watching television entertainment, the thought of security protection doesn’t come up too often. However, in the business world, security is of paramount importance for providers to the media and entertainment industry.

Copyright laws and technical security protection on DVDs, online access security systems to services that offer video games, movie rentals, or cable and dish television service providers all must highly consider all aspects of security technology when it comes to protecting their product but also protecting their customer’s private identity information.

CyberSec helps give the full end-to-end holistic framework evaluations needed to implement the strongest security measures possible to help protect entertainment providers from cybercriminal threats at all levels of technology and process infiltration. Our subject-matter-experts in criminal hacking techniques using Black Hat methodologies complimented with White Hat best practices is the reliable service you want on your security planning implementation teams.

Industry-specific analysisservices we provide are:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Online Content and Gaming Services

Intellectual Property

To help provide business services that have unique intangible value such as story-telling or gaming services, it’s important for a company to have a balanced structure to produce, protect, and manage the costs involved in delivering these types of services.Cybercriminal’s try to take advantage of these types of companies by hacking into customer account systems, illegally duplicating products such as DVD or recorded media, or malicious users trying to take advantage of television communication technology by stealing access using hacked cable boxes or illegal dish control units sold on the internet.

Many of these types of services are protected by Intellectual Property (IP) laws for music, literature, broadcasting services and other artistic-related offerings. These laws areto help protect these organizations from counterfeit or fraudulent schemes and attacks to their product, service, and infrastructure environments.

Our IP protection specialists offer full risk assessment reviews and strategic process planning. We help your teams leverage years of knowledge and experience for developing and implementing threat prevention computer control systems for protecting your company from entertainment IP design stealing or IP rights infringement.

Online Content and Gaming Services

Cyberspace internet communication has changed the way entertainment media is delivered to millions of customers using websites, televisions, and gaming consoles now connecting to the World Wide Web.Providing paid solutions to clients and their portal devices continues to be a growing challenge every year as cybercriminals get more innovative with their attack strategies. Encryption and proprietary communication channels require extensive vulnerability assessment evaluations, penetration (Pen) testing inspections, and synthetic user transaction case studies to ensure all levels of product or services delivered are managed in a safe and efficient manner.

CyberSec provides all the evaluation services needed to cover every level of entertainment media solution management with the latest industry-proven planning and remediation strategies that can help save your teams months of research.

Why hireMedia and EntertainmentSecurity Experts?

CyberSec Media and Entertainment technology specialists help providereliable assessment reviews that also includes audit and topology security system evaluations. Thesecanhelp give your IT Support teams and IT Governance leaders the dependablevulnerability inspection and risk identification reporting you need for solid Media and Entertainment security systems.

Our real-world cybercriminal experts can give quality assurancewhen it comes to promoting a stable security enterprise that addresses employee and customer-facing portals giving your organization an advanced and manageable framework protecting your entertainment and business managed services.

Our technical experts can give your organizationa thorough process and infrastructure review that can provide reliabledata processing improvement recommendations by analyzing current layered security designs, and advanced threat prevention models with proven industry case studies.