Pharmaceutical industryMedical product and patient information have been areas of cyber criminal exploitation for years once these services became available on the internet for customer purchasing and processing convenience.  Medical hacking criminals will try to steal manufacturing information to create cheaper counterfeit, inferior and dangerous drugs with no quality validation for people to purchase online, illegally sometimes, without them even knowing it.

Cyber criminal’s will also hack into patient identity account databases so they can contact or send them emails related to their current prescriptions, make fake incredible offers, and then use this technique to con the victim out of their purchases or personal access information into their other financial accounts.

CyberSec provides the expertise and experienced subject-matter-specialists that can help put into place the fortification strategies your organization needs, from supply chain to customer purchasing experience, and help your security teams safely manage product and user information for quality assurance.

Our Industry-specific analysis services include:

  • Patient Medical Data Protection
  • Business Operations Protection
  • Compliance and Standards

Patient Medical Data Protection

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used by medical patients, is required when accepting online prescription purchasing requests.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to use the same passwords and security challenge questions whenever they use multiple online services or access to other cyberspace-offered services on the internet.  Hackers know this, and will only need to capture your identity information once, in order to obtain a majority of your personal services including prescription drugs, banks, social media accounts, or anything that can lead them to your credit card or financial holdings and asset information.

We provide the risk assessment and the system vulnerability penetration tests required to ensure your online purchasing website services, manufacturing workflow processing, local storage facility management, and monetary transaction channels are as robust and secure as possible with on-going system validations and audit-controlled use case studies to give your security teams the advantage they need to manage these infrastructure systems, securely, on a day-to-day basis.  Our professional service reviews and finding reports provide layered threat prevention and mitigation approaches when it comes to protecting customer identity and medical data accounts.

Business Operations Protection

Medical drug production requires multiple environments to help manage and distribute the product to patients and medical facilities safely.  Security attention is needed for drug manufacturing, plant storage asset tracking, supply chain distribution, and web-based services provided to your business partners and user customer base.

Our evaluation services include active defense technology analysis in giving the knowledge-based planning required for strategic video surveillance implementations, bar-code GPS asset tracking techniques, and internet synthetic user transaction permutation testing methodologies.  By providing these audit reviews and full end-to-end remediation inspections, your teams will have everything they need to manage the latest in industry-challenged cyber criminal attack strategies and the prevention best practices to help in protecting your operations environment.

Compliance and Standards

With international customers, worldwide, and patients using your virtual internet medical prescription services, compliance, and audit controls are required for both regulatory and legal distribution licensing and government requirements for reliable medical best practice distribution services.

CyberSec follows and can give you the frameworks that best fit your current and future security commercial model needs from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifications.Our assessment specialists can provide excellent templates and process management strategies to help anticipate all your control evaluation requirement needs.


Why hire Pharmaceuticals Security Specialists?

CyberSec specializes in Pharmaceutical Security system evaluations that can help give your support teams the reliable vulnerability inspection and risk assessment plans needed when it comes to managing and improving a healthy manufacturing enterprise enhanced by a robust and safe supply chain circulation design that can meet audit requirements set by government agencies for a secure wall of technical and process management security with your existing computer and process management environments.

Our medical standards technical experts can give your organization thorough process and robust background review that can provide improvement recommendations by analyzing current layered security designs, and advanced threat prevention models with proven industry case studies.