Retail Security

Lock backgroundShopping malls, department stores, grocery stores, online merchandise outlets, or convenience stores requires money changing hands and safety.   The old-style registers are now computer terminals with encryption technologies connected to local store networks and most of the time, have a direct or indirect line on the internet.   ATM Debit devices, credit card machines, and merchant electronic processing kiosks, now fill the strip malls and stop-and-shop gas stations throughout the world.  The only thing standing between you and the hacker are experienced security designs by experienced security experts protecting you and the customer around the clock, 24x7x365.

CyberSec are the experienced retail security experts-of-choice that can provide your outlets and organizations with the latest hacking threat prevention solution planning and risk assessment methodologies giving your merchants the confidence they need to manage and support daily purchasing transactions, safely, to range from the hundreds to millions in sales business transactions without the excessive worry of cybercriminals breaking into your financial managing infrastructure environments.

Our RetailSecurity analysisservices include:

  • Business Case Study – Framework fortification
  • PCI-DSS Compliance Control

Business Case Study – Framework fortification

Consumers shake when they hear news reports showing modern-day breaches in 2014 from major retail companies such as Home Depot and Target.  Home Depot experiencing a cyber-attackthat compromised over 56 million card holders and from their in-store payment terminals, Target with over 70 million customers credit and debit accounts compromised, and many more throughout this year, alone.  How can such large corporations be so vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks?  Year after year, hackers are not only getting more innovative with their attack strategies and fraud scheming, but also are joining forces to make retail purchase safety more difficult for organizations to anticipate and implement secure-layered strategies for their business.

Real-World Expertise

We go beyond average security consulting firms by bringing real-world hacking specialists to help examine your current retail and wholesale infrastructure with great detail for risk remediation planning.

Industry Best Practice Experts

We utilize the best in Black Hat techniques complemented by White Hat best practices that covers modern infiltration efforts from hackers, while providing your teams the very best in world-class service delivery when it comes to threat prevention inspection reviews.

Validation Quality Assurance

Our risk and vulnerability penetration (Pen) testing evaluations, and synthetic-based user transaction permutation testing that discovers all your potential environment weaknesses gives the highest quality when it comes to detailed system inspection analysis.  Our proven knowledge provides thorough recommendationperformance dashboard reporting your teams can rely on for years to come.

PCI-DSS Compliance Control

Businesses must count on credit or debit purchasing systems for most of their customer service transactions today when it comes to delivering high-quality services or productlines in a fast and efficient manner.   When working with massivesale electronic data transfers, the business chain’s security framework, unless monitoring is carefully and extensively planned for, can easily become a victim to hackers who are hoping not to get noticed while organizations could miss them due to process weaknesses.

Commercial financial institutes are very much aware of this, which is why the major credit companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover fully supports industry requirement standards called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (DSS) policy.  Not only does this process improve overall security, but also requires businesses to adhere to proven and reliable process and procedure security best practices that auditors validate with your company’s security professionals.

Why hire Retail Security Specialists?

Our Commercial Technical Evaluation teams, skilled process auditor managers, and PCI-DSS technical experts can give a holistic, thorough process and infrastructure review that can provide reliable data processing improvement by assessing and analyzing layered security designs in your current data processing workflow models.  We use advanced technical evaluation tools and technologies, along with industry best practices to help cover all your retail computer security improvement needs.