Small and Medium Business Security

Lock backgroundCan a small or moderate-sized business afford to invest in the latest security technologies to help protect their organization from hackers or malicious users?  Could they put into place compliance controls, solution lifecycle audit validations, and workflow integrity inspection procedures, and also hire audit control specialists to make sure that risk and vulnerabilities are managed as efficiently as possible?  Absolutely!

With CyberSec, we deliver reliable and affordable security expertise services to ensure your company is getting world-class, enterprise quality threat protection while also providing you with the road map, policies, and procedure templates to successfully manage all your data security framework needs no matter what size your business supports.

Our Threat Preventionservices include:

  • Enterprise Assessment
  • Compliance Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment Review

Enterprise Assessment

The smaller a business is; the more attention is needed for the company to focus on how it invests its computer budgeting and department support team resources.   We provide an Enterprise Assessment style approach when it comes to working with small and medium size companies so they can get the most out of the latest industry security best practices and technologies, and share your resources to leverage these practices effectively, while also taking into account the importance of financial support burdens these types of solutions could potentially impact your organization with.

If your company uses a smaller network connection, you will still get an affordable and manageable firewall penetration assessment review that will help deliver a robust mitigation plan that will save your business time and money in researching or developing on your own.

Compliance Evaluation

Based on the type of business your organization represents, attention to government agency regulatory requirements is paramount when it comes to funding or licensing approvals.  Providing proof of system integrity processing with quality digital protection services to manage these processes, your management will always be able to provide a secure and reliable audit control findings report that will help give confidence to your annual investment reports or stockholder community when it comes to security protection.

If your corporate identity is much smaller and extensive audit risk assessment reporting is at a minimum, we can work with your management teams to optimize the compliance evaluation experience to fit best your current data protection needs.

Risk Assessment Review

Our vulnerability assessment reviews can be modified to fit any size when it comes to providing efficient and robust risk mitigation reporting.  From single-router network penetration testing, to moderate-sized data center backbone infrastructures, our industry-proven tools, methodologies, and extensive field experiences will be able to provide your support teams with an excellent defensive strategy protecting all your computer workstations and server needs.

From operating systems, to anti-virus controls, to cyberspace protection, to hacker intrusion detection and remediation, CyberSec has the subject-matter-experts and tools required to give your organization in security framework advantages it needs to protect your environments strongly through risk assessment testing and advanced threat prevention planning.

Why hireSecurity Business-Best-Fit Specialists?

CyberSec security planning services can help give your the benefits it needs when it comes to managing prevention technologies on a limited budget with staff allocation challenges.   Our years of experience helps provide you and your teams with extensive knowledge and strong risk management finding reportsthat will help you discover the weaknesses in your infrastructure and give you the recommendation and implementation strategies your business needs without overwhelming your employees with major security initiative activities.

Our security consultants can implement to your environment, fully qualified digital protection expertise when it comes to putting into place the security frameworks that currently  best fits your company’s requirements, along with giving on-going life cycle delivery assessments to use on a regular basis ensuring both government regulatoryrequirements and effective threat protection systems are updated and covering all your cyber-criminal protection needs.