Igor Klopov

igor-klopovIgor Klopov is one of the founders of CyberSec and is an integral part of your cyber security team when your business turns to CyberSec for assistance. Igor Klopov knows first-hand what it takes to help keep the private data of your company secure. When your business needs protection from hackers, who better to trust than a former notorious hacker who used the Internet in the past to successfully obtain confidential data from some of the most powerful people in the world.

Experience with Hacking, Identity Theft, and Cyber Security

Mr. Klopov developed the concept for CyberSec through his relationship with top Internet crime lawyer Arkady Bukh as well as his involvement with some of the most notorious international hackers in the world.

Hackers and former computer criminals have the type of understanding of online system vulnerabilities and security breaches that cannot be taught but that must be learned through real-world experience.

Mr. Klopov has brought together a team of attorneys and some of the most skilled hackers and former computer criminals in the world in order to create a cyber security team that is unparalleled in the services that it provides to businesses.

Your company benefits from the background of real hackers who know how to find and exploit a systems’ vulnerabilities and who know how to investigate data breaches from the inside. CyberSec makes it possible for your business to get the hackers and scammers working on your team in order to find and fix the issues within your system- before your business becomes responsible for a costly leak.

About Igor Klopov

Igor Klopov made a name for himself in the world of computer crimes when he was just 24-years-old. The New York Times reports that Mr. Klopov, while living in Moscow, was able to successfully use the Internet to obtain more than $1.5 million in funds from the financial accounts of individuals on the Forbes 400 list.

As the Times indicates, Mr. Klopov was “self-taught in the art of Internet identity theft and had used a combination of Internet smarts and old-fashioned techniques like forging driver’s licenses, powers of attorney and funds transfer request forms.”

NBC News indicates that Mr. Klopov was able to successfully mine the Internet to obtain confidential financial information about billionaires including a friend of President George W. Bush. Mr. Klopov organized and ran a successful Internet identity theft ring, targeting clients in Texas, California and other states where property and deed information could be obtained through the Internet.

The information Mr. Klopov obtained made it possible for him and his accomplices to obtain millions of dollars from investment accounts. The techniques and approached use by Klopov was so innovative that the successful capers of his identity theft ring prompted a presentation at the National White Collar Crimes Summit entitled “Piercing the Iron Cyber Curtain: Case Studies in International Financial Crimes.”

Successfully obtaining private identifying information from some of the richest and most successful people in the world demonstrates Mr. Klopov’s deep understanding of how to obtain confidential and private information on the Internet. His computer skills are now being put to use providing assistance to companies who turn to CyberSec for help keeping their company’s data safe.

When your business needs protection from hackers and your customers need protection from identity theft, there is no substitute for getting help from someone who has been on the other side and who has orchestrated successful computer crime schemes. Call CyberSec today to learn how Igor Klopov and other members of the CyberSec team can help your company with all of its cyber security needs.