Red Team: Gatekeepers of Security Experience

red-team-testingWhat’s the key to a rock solid defensive layout for your infrastructure? Knowledge and Experience! Knowing what the bad guys know and using it for the good guys! That’s what Red Team Testing is all about. The best security practitioners in the industry come from Black Hat backgrounds.

What are White Hat Hackers?

Experts in social engineering, ethical, and physical penetration techniques that are used to fortify the protection of an existing organization’s office and network systems. They discover the holes before the bad guys do.

They do this by simulating a hacker into your production environment, identifying weaknesses, and delivering their findings to your support group to mitigate.

What are Black Hat Hackers?

The bad guys. These are the hackers who want to:

  • Break the code
  • Steal the password
  • Raid the database
  • Hijack the session
  • Rob the credit card information
  • Do it for just the “thrill” of breaking into your systems

Governments, businesses and some of the top consulting agencies in the world hire Red Team penetration testingexperts who come from Black Hat hacker backgrounds.

CyberSec is the Red Team security professionals of choice when it comes to years of overall experience from both types.

Penetrating Analysis Services include:

Simulated Social Engineering Review BYOD Strategy Evaluations Access Assessment
Vulnerability Scanning Existing Policy Control Analysis Security Awareness Training
Virus Injection Holes Analysis> Detection Assessment Penetration Testing
DMZ Perimeter Evaluations Monitoring / Logging Audit Review Firewall Strategy Examination
Metrics and Analytics Base-lining Overall Dashboard Findings Report Alternative Analysis

Academic Theory is not enough

Nothing beats “real-world” knowledge and experience. We give all-encompassing design assurance using operational techniques to, not only find all your company’s risks, but to help give you a sustaining life cycle plan.

Education is important,however “street-wise” smarts is what really drives the cybercriminal world. You want that on your side when it comes to helping secure your organization’s privacy.

The industry-accepted best practice

Commercial and intelligence organizations will work with situation-specialists throughout the year to stay one-step ahead of the cybercriminal community.

Small, mid-size, and large enterprise-supported organizations know this is a necessity when it comes to modern protection planning. Having real-world expertise through permutation testing exercises are current, industry-accepted best practices.

Cybercriminals who are trying to exploit your vulnerabilities requires specialized professionals. We make sure you have the tools necessary to anticipate and plan for your adversary’s next move when multiple, continuous attacks attempt to penetrate your systems.

The importance of hiring Red Teamprofessionals

Today’s attacking strategies are not only physical process-orientated, but also behavioral process-orientated, as well, leveraging social engineering. These types of scenarios change every year and requires unique methodologies to help stay current.

There are so many different attack strategies on so many levels; no one organization can be ahead of these risks for very long. That’s why it’s so important to have periodic assessment reviews, and actual situation-simulated breach exercises put into place, so you know the holes before your adversaries do.

Our specialists at CyberSec will provide all the expertise you will need for your organization’s end-to-end framework planning.