Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Analysis

cyber-security-risk-assessmentIT security risk assessment reviews are a necessity when it comes to anticipating security threats that come with having an internet connection to your business network. An overall information security risk assessment evaluation not only helps identify existing vulnerabilities in your environment, but also gives your support administration teams the advantage in planning for new ones that could impact your operations in the near future.

Understanding the threat level or risk, whether it’s small, medium, or high and also defining the impact levels to your business associated with the level of severity, will help keep your IT Budget constraints to a minimum. Quantifying data components with a risk assessment information security analysis is essential when it comes to delivering an all-encompassing protection perimeter review.

At CyberSec, we provide real-world IT risk assessment expertise and experience when it comes to providing an end-to-end detailed examination of your entire company’s computer operations to help focus-on, report, and mitigate the latest in cyber-criminal threat activities.

Risk assessment analysisservices include:
  • Network Risk Assessment
  • Application Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Provider Risk Assessment
  • Identity Management
  • Facility Risk Assessment
  • Policies and Procedures Assessment
Network Risk Assessment

Connecting to the internet through your organization’s network requires careful planning to ensure you and your support teams have thoroughly planned for all your security networking framework needs.

We help implement an architecture analysis of your existing topology, along with scanning your network perimeter using the latest best practices and probing technologies in penetration (PEN) testing. Our network inspection specialists then provide a thorough network security risk assessment review that covers firewalls, routers, monitoring appliances, and security application systems with the latest in permutation testing and synthetic user field transactions.

Our cyber security analysis information security risk assessment template models on your network also includes wireless End-Point evaluations, software and hardware system version and resiliency examinations, as well as, the latest in cryptography performance inspections to help give your administration teams the confidence they need in monitoring and strengthening your existing network communication systems.

Application Risk Assessment

Cyber security starts at the coding level and having a keen understanding and monitoring of your existing application solutions when it comes to security, is an everyday requirement for application security protection support.

Our data security risk assessment evaluations examine your existing business applications for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities when it comes to coding best practices and using the latest in version patching controls. Integrity testing includes encryption handling, errorhandling, latency response vulnerabilities, buffer overflow potentials, and data transport resiliency. Extensive industry version support confirmations are scanned for using our large information security risk assessment checklists that cover hundreds of business application support databases. We have vendor support partnerships with major application vendors that will always keep your information updatedand as current as possible.

Cloud Provider Risk Assessment

Having cloud services can greatly benefit your business when it comes to operation cost savings. The security challenge when using cloud services is the connection integrity from your business to the external systems. For example, if your company has a single sign-on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) adapter connection between your cloud provider and your company’s infrastructure, unless your transport connectivity is fully evaluated for the highest encryption available, your customer and employee login credentials could be compromised by man-in-the-middle hacker attacks or errorresponse behavior that could break the connection and broadcastrelevant username or password information while the data is in transport.

CyberSec provides knowledge and strong cyber-criminal experience to help produce the appropriate security configuration and risk assessment evaluations with cloud-to-client functionality over the internet. Our services give your teams the quality assurance needed to cover all your cloud risk assessment needs.

We use an industry-proven information security risk assessment methodology to identify and mitigate the latest in cloud threat potentials. Report findings generated can then be shared with your Cloud service provider and your support teams to make the appropriate improvements, as needed.

Identity Management (IDM)

How robust is your user account provisioning? Are you using the latest technologies when it comes to managing your authentication, authorization, and account provisioning security? Is your password rules and policies configured to use the strongest combination strategies possible to protect your portal web and application sites from automated brute force login attacks?

Our provisioning workflow assessments can help detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your existingonboard and off-boarding identity control systems.Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fields are extensively examined to ensure accidently coding updates do not leak or compromise existing database transport solutions.

CyberSec’s technically detailed reviews can help your teams with advanced solution recommendations that best fit your company’s unique user account management needs. Implementing Enterprise Password Vaults (EPV), using RSA SecurID Token technology, role-based entitlement configurations, implementing the strongest cryptography interfaces, LDAP connectors, fortifying your network with Single Sign-on and Two-factor authentication architecture solutions are some of the most current and advanced IDM gateway topology models we can help give your technical support teams.

Facility Risk Assessment

Illegal access to your office area is just as dangerous as giving someone your username and password to your business systems. A cyber access risk could be if you walked away from your desk with an already logged in session, unauthorized people piggy-backing into the office as you hold the door open after you swiped your security card, as a friendly act of kindness unaware you just let the bad guy in. Even leaving private or sensitive documentation on your desk overnight or when you are away from your site. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems arenot being adequately evaluated for security risks. These are just some of the cyber infraction threats that could compromise your current security infrastructure.

Allowing unauthorized personnel into your data center or allowing someone to pull their car up in front of your office and mimic a false Wi-Fi network to capture employee information are just some of the ways cyber-criminals can get around the system and infiltrate your office environment. Not having CCTV Cameras strategically placed and recording privacy-sensitive locations at your site. These are some of the challenges companies meet when reviewing the integrity of their cyber control systems related to your facility security systems.

Our information security risk assessment tools help identify the risks when it comes to cyber-related weaknesses due to improper mitigation and control systems. An onsite analysis review of all major facility points of risk potentials isevaluated and reported back in a detailed findings report to your support and management teams. We can give your employees a substantial security awareness training program that can enforce a security mindsetto your staff so they can be on alert, daily, whenever a process risk can potentially occur.

Policies and Procedures Assessment

Our Cyber Risk Assessments also come with the IT security controls that map back to process and procedures to help manage and support the life cycle of the control. Protecting medical or personal data of your customers must adhere to HIPAA security risk assessment evaluations for policy clarifications when your finance department sends their overall security assurance review, annually, to executive teams for a company’s annual progress report to your shareholders.A cyber security audit must always include the policies and procedures surrounding it so full support ownership with service agreements with your business partners is fully in place to establish the control as a fully mapped and approved service with threat prevention measures put into place.

The last thing a company wants is a material weakness in the annual report, showing a lack of data protection in the organization’s security system frameworks.Application security risk assessments help define the improvements required to fortify components within the current process.

Our validation models include Separation of duties (SoD) reporting controls, such as putting a regularly scheduled report process in place for your organization to use during an audit checkup. SoD responsibilities would be delegated to an external employee as part of the audit team that verifies any changes to the system in a cyber-capacity has been fully approved and managed by the appropriate support administrator who has the restricted access to implement properly the security change.

CyberSec helps implement quality cyber risk assessment finding reviews that identify early in the examination, the concerns and recommendations needed to remediate the issues at hand, immediately, when it comes to IT policy controls.

Why hire a Cyber Risk Assessment Specialist?

We provide full IT security risk analysis implementations that are enhanced by industry-proven information security risk assessment findings to help meet your organization’s needs when it comes to an enterprise-level security analysis examination. We use the most modern information security risk assessment toolsets to cover all levels of your infrastructure platforms protecting both your internal and external network application systems.

Our subject-matter-expertsin risk assessment inspections can produce the detailed mitigation dataneeded, to help create a findings recommendations plan for layered security, as well as communicating the latest in advanced protection techniques. We specialize in Cyber Risk Assessments, using advanced digital identification toolsets, vulnerability detection, and prevention technologies, along with industrybest practices to help cover all your computer risk analysis needs.