Manufacturing & Distribution Security

Manufacturing cyber securityProducing product safely and securely while also making sure it’s delivered to your supply chain provider and eventually your customers, can be a monumental task when it comes to ensuring security. Making sure the facilities has the most protected environment possible requires many different types of defense controls that include site threat protection as well as cyberspace defensive planning strategies.

CyberSec provides the industry-leading experts when it comes to risk assessments, vulnerability evaluations, and security building control designs that incorporate the latest in technology and threat protection. Our years of experience gives your planning teams the leading advantage against the cybercriminal community trying to target your site and service offerings. Terrorists, government radicals, computer hackers, and even foreign government espionage attempts are just a few of the security threats manufacturing organizations, and their distribution outlets must face on a day-to-day basis.

Our Industry-specific analysisassessment services we provide are:

  • Manufacturing Security Frameworks
  • Site Surveillance

Manufacturing Security Frameworks

Factories that can produce food, building materials, chemicals, and medicines must not only adhere to quality controls for producing their product line. They must also take into consideration both internal or external threats from malicious employees, visitors, or cyberspace hackers from trying to attempt to impair, interrupt, steal, or sabotage a company’s business chain.

Our teams help assess your current manufacturing security framework and give you the finding assessment reported needed to help fortify and improve your existing control systems. From audit reviews on particular weakness points identified by our assessment inspections, to planning templates to help strengthen and enhance your process and procedure management practices, we save your organization both time and money using our years of real-world cybercriminal experience. We use the latest in industry-proven penetration (Pen) testing strategies to ensure both people-and-product security protection is taken seriously using the strongest countermeasures with the latest best practices for threat prevention quality assurance.

Site Surveillance

One of the biggest challenges factories, plants, and manufacturing companies face today is making sure their facilities has all areas of production and manpower intervention securely managed and supported in the most optimal and cost effective way, possible.Evaluations in your current service access points must be periodically reviewed and continued to be improved upon in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals who use both internet identity breach strategies, but also social engineering methodologies to get around your potentially out-of-date security systems.

We help give a full-size, end-to-end, holistic vulnerability and risk assessment report on both technology and people access management on the entrance and exit areas, security guard posts, CCTV Surveillance locations, and computer protection integrity reviews that will help your staff implement a supported day-to-day design that’s both manageable and optimized.

Access log entry event reviews, on-site security awareness workshops and network communication penetration reports for manufacturing facilities are all included in our evaluations and audit control inspections.

Why hireManufacturing & DistributionSecurity Experts?

CyberSec Manufacturing and Distribution site technology specialists help providestable and reliable assessments that include audit and topology with defense-in-depth security process hardening approaches. Thesecanhelp give your technology support and production management teams the latest dependablerisk identification reporting you need for reliablefacility site security systems.

Our subject-matter experts with real-world cybercriminal experience can give your organization high-quality servicewhen it comes to addressing employee or customer-facing portaltechnologies, product manufacturing process monitoring and audit control checkpoint workflow planning providing your companyan advanced framework in security business managed services, saving your current support teams months of research to develop and implement.

Our technical expertspresent to yourfacility a thorough dashboard metrics report that can implementreliableaccess improvement recommendations by analyzing current layered security designs, and advanced threat prevention models with proven, value-adding, industry security case studies.