SIEM Managed Services

siemThe term SIEM, Security Information and Event Management, represents services that combine both security event logging and information management systems. These systems both create alert notifications and event loggings from a security incident activity. This process is a combination of real-time activity monitoring and rule-set alert triggering that when used together provides an important function in your security infrastructure.

When it comes to architecting a stable and reliable SIEM Managed Services support solution, CyberSec has the experience and real-world expertise to give your current topology the prevention strengths it needs using new or existing SIEM-related toolsets.

Security practices for SIEM include:

  • Data Collection
  • Event Rule-sets
  • IT Governance Compliance and Support
Data Collection

Infrastructure event management systems centralizing into a single repository for simplified reporting is an SIEMSecurity best practice our subject-matter-experts can assess and help your support department to implement in your current environment, today.

Using either your existing event cataloging toolsets, or enterprise solutions such as IBM® Security QRadar® SIEM platform, CyberSec has the expertise to provide the proven methodologies and procedures to get the most optimal performance possible in your SIEM workflow solution.

By taking multiple devices that record and log their own events, such as Microsoft Windows Servers, Cisco Routers, and Symantec Firewall Servers, these event logs can all be centralized into a single database that produces a holistic dashboard reporting generator to give your teams an end-to-end scope for all your alert notifications.

Event Rule-sets

Security events can be numerous and sometimes overwhelming. It’s important to have a fixed event configuration which identifies, alerts, and archives the events most relevant which needs the attention of administration teams, and IT Governance teams.Threat management situations are forecasted with pre-configured rule-set alert notifications. These entries feed into your SIEM central logging database location.

We can provide multiple permutation scenarios to add to your event rule-set database and libraries to anticipate, filter, and mitigate the most appropriate response to your event logging, record keeping activities.

IT Governance Compliance and Support

Audit processing from multiple solution platforms can be a challenge for any sized IT organization. That’s why it’s important to implement an event archiving system that logs the most important activities related to your existing security controls and best practices administered by your team and your IT Governance Compliance department.

Our experience in retention planning, capturing forensic-related data, and years of log-filtering expertise will save your infrastructure staff months of setups, research, and configuration tuning to get the most out of your SIEM solutions.

Why hire SIEM System Experts?

CyberSec’s works with your staff and your managed SIEM infrastructure service provider or local turn-key platform vendor to give you quality architectural assessments that will help your teams leveraging many years of SIEM implementation experience, for years to come.

We have the SIEM integration subject-matter-experts to cover every layer of technology in your current environment, so you have the quality assurance needed to get the most out of SIEM Managed or local turn-key provider solutions.