Technical First Response

technical-first-roundCyberspace and technology can deliver great benefits, but also significant risks for companies who want to stay both innovative and safe in their current security framework design. The same solutions that give your business massive amounts of transaction options to efficiently run your organization can also give you enormous amounts of potential technology attacks and data breach attempts from the cyber-criminal community.

No one individual or group can manually monitor the hundreds of different types ofsecurity infraction attempts, every day, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. Technical First Response infrastructures are required to help give your company the confidence it needs in having automated guardians monitoring all your platform solutions, efficiently and proactively.

CyberSec has the expertise and technical layout architectural experience to give your support teams all the tools they need to plan and configure the latest in technical first response workflow planning.

Technical First Response planning areas include:

  • System Notification
  • User Notification
  • Escalation
  • Remediation

System Notification

When firewalls, routers, appliances, or identity management systems are being attacked by hackers, event log triggers are initiated. These triggers can notify your support staff. They can create an incident ticket, activate an automated countermeasure, or just archive the incident into an event log for future analysis, should it be a benign or low-level threat with minimal risk.

We specialize in system response workflow planning. Our specialists can save your administrators weeks of research. We can providerecommended workflow templates, to provide your organization the proper response needed using advanced, automated platform reporting.

User Notification

If you have a high-level threat occurring, or an attack that requires human intervention, you want the right person immediately notified to mitigate the incident as soon as possible. Warning message routing by email, cellphone text, voice messaging, ticket routing, or console reporting are the necessary tools a pre-configured, automated technical response process can help provide.

Our experts can help your teams plan and filter the most important reportsettings, so your security resources have the robust communication needed to facilitate your protection strategy.


Event priority and severity need to be pre-defined, so the correct and accurate escalation workflow is used during a breach or data attack.

We evaluate your current roles and responsibilities for each of your security members and give management the necessary methodologies in making sure targeted escalation response scenarios are routed correctly for full remediation.


Pre-configured countermeasures through automatic incident response platform such as a firewall initiating a port filter or blocking strategy is one of the best benefits a Technical First Response solution can give to your business.

We can providethe industry-proven prevention plans, and assessment reviews your company needs for the remediation strength to ensure manual intervention is limited or not required.

Why hire Technical First Response Specialist?

CyberSec’s has years of experience with Technical First Response solutions. We can help you implement the best practices your organization needs for quality assurance to route and respond in the most efficient way possible based on the type of attack or breach being used.

Our subject-matter-experts have the expertise your support staff can leverage through risk assessment reviews and comprehensive vulnerability report analysis.