Collecting Digital Evidence

collecting-digital-evidenceWhen courts-of-law initiate a criminal investigation, based on the seriousness of the crime, and digital computer systemsare involved, an activity of collecting digital evidence is required by law. To help facilitate a satisfactory review of facts and artifacts-of-evidence involved in the case, digital evidence specialists are called in to gather collected digital information related to the incident.

Understanding where to find the digital forensic data types involved in the incident is crucial. It can take support teams weeks or months, going through logs and audit trails involving multiple system analysis searches in your infrastructure’s environment. Our system forensic expertise with years of real-world data analysis experience is the quality assurance solution to help in all your digital collection efforts. We can help your teams go directly to the source systems and collect the specific digital evidence in a short time compared to extensive research by inexperienced support administrators.

Our areas of expertise in digital evidence analysis include:

  • Digital Documentation Collection
  • Network Communication Collection
  • Internet Service Provider Collection
  • Jurisdiction

Digital Documentation Collection

Data manipulation is one of the biggest challenges investigators run into when a cyber-criminal may have tampered with the data files or digital documentation types. CyberSec has experienced Digital Media Examiners who uses the industry best practices for binary investigations set by the Digital Forensics Certification Board (DFCB), with subject-matter-experts in data recovery and digital documentation examinations. Documents such as Adobe™, Microsoft Office™, and many others have embedded and encrypted header-file labels. We work with your company in identifying particular file manipulation attributes so the document submitted evidence can be reviewed in court with confidence in its validity. Other data types such as photographs, screen captures, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) files, spreadsheets, and database files, can also be fully validated and submitted as evidence.

Network Communication Collection

Should recorded data transactions occur over the Internet or through your company’s intranet systems, specially filtered packet types of transmissions can be identified and used as submitted evidence in a court of law.

Our network subject-matter-experts can provide the configurations and recommended settings needed, through a systems assessment review of your current network device settings. This helps ensure that any malicious communication activity is captured and available for any future forensic reviews.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Collection Partnership

Working with your ISP may be required based on the type of investigation currently collecting evidence and materials involved in the pertaining case. Situations such as Terrorist Attacks or Financial Institute breaches would require not only data collection from your local data center, but also would require assistance from your local service provider based on their own log and audit control capabilities.

We have worked with ISP investigations over the years, and can give your support groups the guidance needed to work closely with your ISP and legal authorities to streamline the data evidence collection process.


Digital evidence and computer crime incidents become very challenging when the crime crosses legal authority boundaries of jurisdiction. Defining the activity and proving the location of the event helps manage this for the digital forensic investigator. We help give reliable digital evidence collection information using our years of real-world criminal Black Hat techniques leveraging White Hat best practices. Our specialists can validate data modification activity on storage devices and the attributes last recording the changes that can formally be presented as digital forensic evidence in a court of law.

Our experience in digital criminal investigations, both locally and internationally, can help your teams anticipate legal requirements based on where the incident originated, and where was its final target during the infraction.

Why hire Digital Evidence Specialists?

Technology complexity can be as overwhelming as human DNA analysis. There are countless layers of technical detail that must be taken into consideration before a forensic collection can be presented as admissible in court.

CyberSec subject-matter-experts in digital evidence research can givehigh-quality evidence reviews with reliable, factual information so your examination team can get the most out of your findings report.

Our data collection experts and collection specialists use the latest, industry-proven methodologies to help give your digital investigative teams the tools needed for current legal evidence presentation, and also help your staff use proven frameworks and procedures for future inquiries.

CyberSec has the years of knowledge and real-world experience towards digital investigations that your company can leverage for all your forensic needs.