Incident Response

incident-responseThe Incident Response Team is your first line of defense once a system or process violation is detected. A security incident response action can be automated, or human managed, based on the type of infraction identified. Security incidents can come in many fporms such as someone trying to hack into a user’s login account.

A breach attempt incident can be an internet botnet attack trying to overwhelm your Internet-facing devices causing resource overflows or opening a hole into your network for a malicious insertion script configured to compromise your environment. IT Incident Response assessments create the baseline strategy for creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help build a strong Incident Response Framework infrastructure.

CyberSec has the knowledge and industry-proven experience to help your teams map out and plan for the most optimal incident response process structures for identifying and remediating the current issue at hand. Planning ahead to identify early how your support resources will react to the type of event is crucialtoa robust and reliable preventionprogram covering all types of attacks to your business network environment.

Our Incident Response evaluation services include:

  • Automated Response Systems
  • Incident Response Team Support
  • Incident Escalation Review
  • Timing Response Reviews
  • Policy and Procedure Controls

Automated Response Systems

Computer incident response solutions can help protect your infrastructure 24x7x365. They can respond with automated countermeasures that are triggered and implemented immediately, needing little to no human intervention, required.

Servers such as Firewalls can be configured to close segments or IP address ranges should a botnet or brute-force port attack be detected. We can implement to your administration teams the design and setting recommendations for your Servers, Firewalls, Routers, Anti-virus applications, and Security Appliances. We help ensure your environment is ready with the latest, pre-configured incident automation response policies for the most optimal computerized protection, possible. Network incident response policy settings correctly configured will use security artificial intelligence functionality to help protect your perimeters around the clock.

Our teams can also evaluate your existing logging incident response controls, and help your administrators create a filtered event strategy to get the most out of your incident recorded information entries. This helps your teams by not having to go through thousands of benign system audit log entries that most security systems will record to your reporting eventlogs.

Incident Response Support Team

Computer Security Incident Response Team management takes careful designing to match support specializations with your current resources. Having the right personnel reacting to a properly escalated routine incident response request is the goal your support teams need to manage from the many different types of events a business can experience.Network engineering responding to desktop virus breakouts may require both teams to meet and collaborate the incident by both blocking the offending virus protocol, while ensuring the desktop virus protection software has the patching and updated data file to protect the user at the workstation level.

CyberSec delivers years of real-world expertise with Black Hat techniques leveraging White Hat methodologies when it comes to assessing and planning for the strongest Incident Response Support Team, possible. We help with your roles and responsibility evaluations with your existing response strategy and give you the process improvement recommendations, so you have a fast, “Tiger Team” emergency response group handling the right kind of issues that best fits their expertise.

Incident Escalation Review

By implementing a regular assessment review that covers your existingincident response procedures, policies, and escalation workflow support paths, our teams at CyberSec can help your organization have the most optimal increase response support possible, year-round.

Security incident response team strategies that respond to pre-planned impact severity procedures, with pre-defined prioritized support routing using first and second level problem administration roles, will give your organization’s service desk and infrastructure support teams the ability to handle well thought out incident response process control situations.

CyberSec can help provide these incident acceleration workflows using our many years of experience in different types of security incident situations. We can provide hundreds of permutation incident case studies, and work with your teams to assess the most efficient way possible to create an escalation support workflow that best fits your company’s needs.

Timing Response Reviews

We work with your teams to implement Desktop exercise reviews to help identify your current strengths and weaknesses in your support call tree and current communication procedures.

These practice evaluations are conducted using our evaluation templates to give your leadership teams the best Response Team planning report, as well as, best practices that your management can use in maintaining and growing future support administration provisioning.Incident response forensics reviews for cause analysis will also contribute to improving forensic incident response times to a situation needing immediate attention. Ticket creation in your incident management tracking system must also match your company’s service delivery agreement catalogs for response time and system availability. Our extensive technical libraries and years of response-measuring experience can provide your organization value-adding service level objectives to stay on target for quality assurance.

Policy and Procedure Controls

A critical incident response situation could occur, such as a major breach in your customer database by cyber-criminals that severely compromised the electronics privacy agreement with your customers. You want to make sure you have all the pre-planned policy and control settings ready, so your emergency support incident response teams take the correct actions without concern of mistakes leading to legal liability issues.Security incident response procedures using IT mapping controls will help create the support matrix needed to better manage your critical incident response team’s training and support planning.

Our subject-matter-experts specialize in cyber incident response policies and security control documentation preparations, along with provenmethodologies to help take advantage of our knowledge in incident response and computer forensics.

Why hire Incident Response Specialists?

Having knowledgeable and experienced incident response subject-matter-experts can help give theinsight and guidance your company needs incomputer security incident response strategy frameworks. Using our security experts will help provide detailed risk assessment preparationthat is key towards successfully managing the overwhelming incidentrequirement challenges organization’s face daily.

Our years of real-world incident response & computer forensics expertise can help deliver the performance baselines needed to establish and improve your existing incident management team’s support capabilities.existing incident management team’s support capabilities.