Mobile Security

mobile-securityWith growing trends showing portable equipment such as laptops evolving into Microsoft Surface Pro type notebooks, continued innovations bring more challenges for day-to-day mobile security support. New features in Apple iPad tablets, Google Androids, or Apple iPhones, mobile security dynamics is beginning to change. Cyber-criminals are finding more opportunities to exploit these with every innovation.


Mobile phone security strategies are required for modern daymobile device security in businesses, today. As Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) generation begins to emerge, so too does mobile security system methodologies needed to protect companies who are now adapting to these new support practices. Mobile security testing for BYOD candidates, not only must have company-type restrictions for information access and email, but to also include the user’s personal device functionality is not compromised by adding additional business security to it.

Electronic Disclosure Agreements must be a mandatory requirement before a user is allowed to access your mobile security solution infrastructure with their BYOD equipment.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile security companies are offering Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform solutions so organizations can manage their security policies. Portable devices can be a storage device or portal to the company’s private data and business applications.

This mobile security technology provides your administrators the control needed to manage any mobile or wireless computer device authorized or attempting to access your organization’s network. Individual device operating systems, image control, and pin access settings can be pushed or pulled remotely using the tools from an administration console.

These types of solutions require careful planning as well as patching and update schedules accompanied by thorough risk assessment evaluations to ensure the integrity and reliability of your existing mobile security architecture.

Mobile Security Hazards

  • Malware / Spyware
  • Mobile Banking Security holes
  • Lost or Stolen mobile devices
  • Mobile web security threats
  • Jailbreak or Root vulnerabilities
  • Mobile data security weakness
  • Security holes from patch/upgrades
  • Wireless Network risks

Malware / Spyware

Even with the best mobile security, the battle for fending off the constant variation changes for these weaknesses is an on-going task. Cyber-criminals are now using hybrid attacks on mobile phones to zero-in on account information. Malware can attack mobile device laptops, tablets or smartphone browsers. They can utilize “browser memory zones” to create “man-in-the-browser” scoping and capture your login information.

We can give you the plan needed to have the best mobile network security updates keeping your programs updated and strong.

Mobile Banking Security holes

Hackers determined to break your mobile security codes is either doing it for a thrill or financial gain. Financial applications, or credit card mobile payment security applications are one of their most sought out treasures. Mobile money security controls and the best practices for security of mobile banking work hand-in-hand to offset transport vulnerabilities. Mobile payments security from credit cards, to PayPal, to bank account transfers need strong encryption and regular risk evaluations for process integrity.

Because so many financial institutes are using many different types of APIs, support updates have become challenging. Cyber-criminalsonly need a Wi-Fi sniffer program or plant a spybot drop to the remote device’s browser, and just wait for one untested, insecure network packet to come through with username and password credentials.

At CyberSec, we work with your support teams to ensure SSL/TLS encryption and the highest hashing practices are being both monitored and coded into all layers of your mobile enterprise security’s infrastructure. We use the latest tools to remediate security issues in mobile payment systems.

Lost or stolen mobile devices

Having the best mobile phone security doesn’t help you much if the phone or mobile device disappears. Or does it?

The great thing about Mobile Device Management is its ability to reach out to the lost sheep on the internet and lock, block, or destroy the software on the equipment once it touches the internet. MDMs can also provide GPS/Location service targeting that can help the authorities seek out the lost asset.

Most companies, once notified their company-controlled asset cannot be found, normally just send a “wipe” command that will instantly flush the remote device of all information including the operating system. Then, they just restore the user’s last backup that was scheduled on a regular basis offsite from the phone or mobile device. Our tested configuration settings can help you create the best remote control strategy available to protect your wandering asset.

Mobile web security threats

Your mobile security service such as MDMs are passive protection countermeasures, at best. For active countermeasures, real-time protection, using mobile virus protection with built-in mobile website security options is the best way to ensure your browser is not compromised by Trojans, Worms, or Spyware.

Mobile device security threats are no different than regular desktop security needs except they tend to fall off the radar for attention by most users. Your coverage is fortified if you have business-owned, controlled imaging that has pre-configured security ready to go. We provide all the latest virus application settings and software assessments needed to make sure your organization has the most robust environment available to mitigate these types of vulnerabilities.

Jailbreak or Root vulnerabilities

A very bad practice some users choose to implement are Jailbreaks (Apple IOS) or Rooting (Google Android) hacks to rip out all the vetted security controls the manufacture originally put in to help secure the device. Users do this to try and use unsupported programs that these hacked operating systems provide, but do not realize they just opened up their mobile equipment to a lot of security risks, in the process.

Our assessment and configuration analysis helps identify these types of issues. We can help configure the MDM pre-check rules and give you and your team the best policy controls to restore the user self-inflicted risk back to factory supported specifications.

Mobile data security weakness

Mobile devices security threats regularly caused by digital files that are transporting malware, scripts, or viruses on their document-type headers. Security testing for mobile applications and mobile digital data files has to be scheduled periodically for quality assurance. Using these best practices in combination with the latest mobile banking security standards, we help implementa security foundation to sustain your mobile commerce security needs.

Security holes from patch/upgrades

The problem with operating system upgrades and patching, while trying to enhance or fix issues, can also cause some and open up others by presenting unknown security risks in the process. That’s why it’s very important to include any vendor-supplied patching or upgrades on mobile phones, laptops or tablets into validation sandbox environments or hold-off on implementing them until the industry validates the integrity of the change.

Our best practice approach methodologies unique to each vendor will help your business in release management efforts to mitigate these risks.

Why hire Mobile Security Specialists?

Our expertise in risk analysis and mobile protection implementations can help give your teams the experience and confidence you need without the challenge of extensive re-training or trial-and-error activities that could be budget-challenging.

We design mobile security plans, technical assessments, and penetration testing. We also setup mobile vulnerability scanning, EndPoint architecture designs, and pre-configured template settings. We help bring the latest in industry best practice standards that will help give the years of experience and security confidence to you and your administration teams for all your mobile security infrastructure needs.