Breach and Compromise Assessments

breach-assessmentSo your system has been breached. Based on the type of attack, infringement, or compromised platform, your support and management teams must now take care of the situation once the smoke clears.

Where do you start? What kind of breach warrants legal intervention or just a technology follow-up to just plug up the hole?

Our professional subject-matter-experts leveraging years of real-world cyber-criminal mitigation experience can help give you the guidance and framework necessary to meet all your Breach and Compromise assessment needs.

Breach Assessment Covered Are:

  • Simulations of Breach Analysis
  • Social Engineering Vulnerabilities
  • Legal Liability Awareness

Simulation of Breach Analysis

When private data or system access has been breached and compromised, it’s important to understand the end-to-end workflow experience that caused the infraction in the first place. CyberSec can provide you with breach simulation scenarios that you can template with your current situation and help you better manage the attack.

Our thorough, step-by-step assessment service can help your support departments take all the necessary steps to mitigate specific types ofbreaches. We help give the information needed for your teams to react at the levels necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Social Engineering Vulnerabilities

Not all breaches are technical. Social Engineering Vulnerabilities are process and procedure flaws which allow a cyber-criminal to scam or scheme the private information from your company.

Telephone phishing, social media scams, posing onsite as an employee or maintenance worker are just a few ways hackers can get the access to your data just by finding ways around your existing or non-existing security procedures.

Before or after the incident, we can help provide a strong security awareness assessment review and recommendations report to identify and mitigate these type of process weaknesses. Through creating or improving existing security policies and procedures, our industry expertise and holistic assessment reports can give you all the control analysis needed to mitigate almost any people-engineering risk.

Legal Liability Awareness

Based on the type of system or process breach, your support teams will need to represent legal requirements for the business depending on the scenario. For example, if the breach involved HIPAA privacy compliance, notifications to patients who had their data compromised wouldberequired.

Our assessments include the framework for Pre-Omnibus rules that will guide your departments to manage the appropriate response to the situation. We can provide in-depth reviews correlating with the most current rules and requirements from our assessments findings report.

Why hire Breach Assessment Experts?

Our many years of breach system analysis along with comprehensive and intuitive assessment reporting experience will helpyour support teams manage all the post-evaluation coverage needed, without extensive research required.

We also give pre-breach assessment testing in all our examination services to cover your environments in a holistic manner from end-to-end.

With company breaches being advertised by the news media every day, the need for Breach Assessment expertise becomes clear. Companies are spending millions of dollars in reputation recovery expenses to clean them up. Having experienced expertise in security frameworks, and compliance is a solid prevention investment.