Education Security

Education cyber securityAs more schools and educational institutions become dependent on online service solutions to manage their student account information, protecting the confidentiality for student identity management is growing every year. Students are using more internet-based financial online services to help with their loans, grants, managing course curriculum, and federal qualification application websites to help pay for their education. These internet payment systems that link directly to student bank account and credit card information are what cyber-criminals focus their radar on. They hope that smaller schools have not taken the time to fortify their security systems leaving them vulnerable to easier attacks.

CyberSec brings knowledge and threat prevention practices to educational services by providing years of real-world risk assessment evaluations and data transport processing expertise to help ensure all your student information is heavily protected against hackers and information snipers intent on penetrating your databases.Our industry-proven expertise in Black Hat infiltration methodologies with White Hat best practice protection standards will give your institute the confidence it needs to manage safely mass student information to your financial agencies using the latest in security defensetechnologies.

Our Student Data analysisservices include:

  • Student Information Protection
  • State & Federal Fund Management

Student Information Protection

Educational institutes are relying more heavily on government and private school funding with banks and loan companies that are responsible for transferring student funds to your payment service. Because these types of transactions requires username student IDs, passwords, email addresses, and Personally Identifiable Identification (PII) information fields, the highest protection techniques must always be implemented to safeguard students, parents, and the institutes managing these user transactions.Encryption technologies, security challenge questionnaires, two-factor authentication, and robust data field hashing and reliable content manipulation on websites must be planned for, implemented, and supported throughout the life cycle of the process solution managing the information.

Our holistic penetration testing risk assessment reviews and user business case studies can provide your departments with high privacy workflow digital transactions, making sure the process has a manageable lifecycle support plan to keep the security versions and controls as current as possible to help prevent the latest in hacker attack strategies.

State & Federal Fund Management

Government funding organizations recognized the importance of protecting student privacy, and as the years went by, the need for better validating cyberspace services that are growing steadily to help manage these processing demands. Using the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as the foundation needed to implement electronic disclosure security regulations, loan or grant managing administration institutes, both local and federal supported, now require full audit exposure assessments to grade the school’s security competency before implementing qualification approvals for funding those schools.

From graduate schools to non-profit educational institutes, as well as public and private school records processing security requirements, our risk assessment professionals can provide your audit and daily security support teams the planning frameworks needed to help improve and grow your current IT control policies and procedures while also saving your resources months of research on the latest in legislative and regulatory requirements related to security qualifications your school must meet to ensure government funding approvals.

Why hireEducation Security Specialists?

CyberSec subject-matter-experts in Education topology security systems help give your IT Support and Management teams the reliable vulnerability inspection and risk assessment reporting you need to maintain a healthy security enterprise, but also meets audit compliance requirements set by government agencies handling educational student account confidentiality standards for a reliable wall of cyberspace defenseswithin your existing support environments.

Our privacy technical professionals can give your organization an end-to-end, thorough process and infrastructure review that can produce the invaluable data processing improvement recommendations for a robust network strategy implementation plan analyzing current layered security designs, as well as advanced threat security techniques.

We specialize in Educational Identity Administration systems, using advanced intrusion digital identification tools, detection, and prevention technologies, along with industrybest practices to help cover all your computer security improvement needs.