Cyber Security Architecture

cyber_Security-ArchitectureCompanies of all sizes currently accessingcyberspace must have a security framework to safeguard data and people from today’s social media and cybercriminal threats.
Having the best solution that adapts to your business in both security and cost, requires careful analysis and expertise from subject matter experts with years of real-world experience. CyberSec provides full architecture assessment services that meet your business needs with quality assurance.

Design, Planning, and Implementation:
  • Global Architectural Approach
  • Encryption Strategy
  • Access Methodology
  • Compliance Controls
  • Identity Management Planning
  • Layered Defense Approach
Overall Architectural Approach

Whether designing a new Cyber Security Architecture from the ground up or implementing industry-proven best practice frameworks to improve the existing one, our experts offer the best evaluation assessments that use the latest industry-standard methodologies.

Your companymay require either strong layers of security or specific ones that best fit both the organization’s need, and what’s realistic in your budget.   We are flexibleand can adjust your design needs that best fit your system structure or managing technologies.

Access Methodology

Understanding your user’s computer permission points is required to identify the risks that come with them. A balance of risk-layered tolerance ranking and complexity is key to designing a solid authentication solution for your user community.

Tunneling, Proxy settings, Firewall rules, router or appliance Access Control Lists (ACL), LDAP adapters, Network Address Translation (NAT) systems, and many more administrative-type technologies must be included in your overarching strategy for your company’sexisting environments.

Identity Management Planning

Architectural user account management requires extensive mapping to cover how your cyber security infrastructure will optimally support day-to-day operations.

Identity components to manage:

  • Authentication (logging in)
  • Authorization (assigning role-based solutions)
  • Account provisioning (daily user account support with audit tracking capabilities)
  • Directory Service attributes (unique permission settings)
  • Single-Sign on / Federated model

We can provide the IDM frameworks needed to facilitate all your identity management needs.

Encryption Strategy

Whether using digital certificate signatures, encryption layered tunneling, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or certificate authority servers, an all-encompassing layout must be developed to anticipate the strongest solutions possible for your company’s cyber security architecture needs.

We help by using only the most advanced cryptography strategies, tempered with a solution life cycle plan to help your technical teams maintain this infrastructure on a day-to-day basis in operations.

Compliance Controls

Process and procedures areworking in tandem with security policies created to fit both your business technical needs and your organization’s legal and regulatory frameworks, (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.). The designed topology must conform to these business requirements.

Layered Defense Planning


Defense-in-depth gives a foundation that will be needed to manage cybercriminal attacks based on a preventive, holistic approach towards security integrations in your architecture.   Decisions must be made where to best place your Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and your Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) so they can give you the most optimal response times, possible once a breach or breach attempt is identified.

An example of countermeasure layers:
Front-line Defenses:
  • Encryption, Traffic Flow Controls (Passive)
  • Pro-active perimeter protection (Active)
Second-line Defenses:
  • Security Enabled Applications (Passive)
  • Pro-active internal system protection (Active)

Our professional architects can help define and give you the multiple fallback defensive strategies needed to fit your organizations environment.

Why hire a Cyber Security Architecture Expert?

CyberSec has the experience for deploying full enterprise prevention framework templates, created from onsite survey assessments to give your administrative teams the strongest threat prevention possible, along with a long-lasting support life cycle to help enhance and grow your cyber security infrastructure on a regular basis.

We can save your company countless hours of research and re-education activities by letting you leverage our years of real-world security experiences and best practices that will give you a strong, reliable security architecture that works with your organization’s needs.