Who We Are

CyberSec is a different kind of cyber security firm. We offer comprehensive services to clients in sensitive industries to help protect confidential data, but we have a background that most cyber security firms don’t have.

At CyberSec, our team is made up of a top cyber security lawyer who has represented some of the world’s most wanted hackers… as well as some of those hackers who are now using their knowledge of computers to do good.

Who is CyberSec Security? 

At CyberSec, we are a full-service firm providing everything your business needs to protect your private data.  From data breach prevention to incident response to legal compliance, our team helps companies small and large to secure their networks, respond to attacks, and comply with the myriad government regulations intended to protect the privacy of Internet users.

With most cyber security firms, the people working on your account have always been on the right side of the law. While they may understand what hacking entails and have knowledge of how hackers working, their knowledge is theoretical because they’ve never hacked into systems themselves.

There is a difference between learning the secrets of hackers through reading about them, compared with actually being the computer hackers that the industry is most afraid of.  When you turn to CyberSec for help, your company will have the hackers working for you and putting their knowledge, skills and experience to use to protect your businesses private and confidential data.

There is no substitute for real experience on the front lines of the information theft industry. The former hackers on our team have the type of real world practical backgrounds that mean we truly understand how vulnerabilities are found in system security and how those vulnerabilities are exploited to get access to private information.  Now, we can find the vulnerabilities in your system and fix them before they are exploited to cause your company harm.

Our insider information makes us uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled cyber security assistance to businesses from Main Street to Wall Street.

Services We Provide

At CyberSec, we provide:

  • Cybersecurity services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, data breach prevention, and risk assessment and analysis.
  • Incident response including cyber crime investigations, computer forensics, and cyber-incident readiness planning.
  • Advice on legal compliance including compliance services and cyber litigation support.

You will have a team made up of former hackers whose names are known internationally and who have a first-hand understanding of how information theft occurs.  You’ll also have a top cyber security lawyer working for you. Your legal interests will be protected, your computers will be more secure than ever, and you’ll have the most knowledgeable people in the industry working to protect the confidential information that your business needs.

A cyber attack can cost your business millions and ruin your brand reputation.  When you can’t afford to have any vulnerabilities, it only makes sense to turn to a team of experts with a proven track record of finding and exploiting cyber security breaches.  Let our guys find your organizations’ weaknesses before the bad guys do.

Our Team Members

Our top lawyers, former hackers and former scammers are committed to providing your company with comprehensive cyber security services.  To learn more about the members of our team, read about our backgrounds and bios here:

  • Arkady Bukh
  • Igor Klopov
  • Oleg Nikolaenko

If you are ready to take the first step towards recovering from a cyber attack or making your networks secure, just give us a call today to learn more.