Technology Compliance Assessment

technology-compliance-assessmentWhen it comes to consumer confidence, in business or home, validation is essential. Organizations schedule regulatory compliance risk assessment testing and audit reviews. These reviews can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. This exercise is implemented to validate how reliable the technology or existing processes are. These activities also help provide confidence in your managed frameworks so your business resources can support and improve the controlson an on-going basis.

We work with your audit control teams using our years of compliance validation experience, to identify, mitigate and improve your existing controls for your current framework requirements.

Technology Compliance Reports Include:

  • The Importance of Compliance Assessments
  • Business and IT Governance
  • System Hardening and Process Improvement

The Importance of Compliance Assessments

Computers and all their required Technology componentsare incredible tools for businesses, but they do come with a high price. Not in cost, but in maintenance. Hardware and software applications and business platforms require continuous support attention especially in the areas of security. Upgrades, patching enhancements, and communication over cyberspace brings levels of vulnerabilities that the cyber-criminal community and malicious users prey upon, on a daily basis.

In order to validate, protect, and maintain your business computer systems, standard institutes and government authorities needed to set controls into place for organizations to follow. These are done in order to protect information data for the general welfare of users and businesses, alike.

Standards and guidelines such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, FERPA, FFIEC, NCUA, HITECH, CoBIT, along with many others became the cookie-cutter templates used by the business and government audit compliance worlds, today. Keeping your company as experts and controllers for these standards of compliance can be budget and resource challenging, at best. We offer our years of real-world compliance risk assessment expertise for testing, reporting and helping your teams to establish the strongest frameworks possible, so you have a high confidence before any audit reviews are finalized.

At CyberSec, leveraging our industry professionals, and our extensive library of proven planning templates will give your management the security requirements ensuring the most robust, audit-compliant infrastructure, possible.

Business and IT Governance

Some of the most challenging business audits you will find will be IT Support teams working with the Business Financial maintenance groups. These organizations work with government and bank compliance risk assessment investigators to shore up accounting regulatory maintenance needed for a high confidence grade during an audit review.

Our review assessment professionals work with your IT Governance and Business Liaisons. We help map the procedure control libraries analysis to give your conformity assessment procedures and periodic report validations using Segregation-of-Duty (SoD) best practices that will both verify operations while also validating process control lifecycle integrity.

System Hardening and Process Improvement

Risk assessment compliance validations through system and testing procedureshelp produce the recommendation strategies needed to improve existing processes and shore up security technologies through system hardening best practices. Our penetration testing methodologies can validate threat levels on entire infrastructure environments with our vulnerability and threat mitigation recommendation reports. These reports will help provide the insight your company requires to resolve all your compliance needs.

Why hire Technology Compliance Audit Experts?

When more companies every year must increase budget cost and resources to meet the on-going demands of audit reviews, external help is essential to tap into. Audit expert knowledge is essential for investigations such as HIPAA compliance assessments and Conformity assessment reviews. Wework with your business and IT Support staff to implement the industry-proven best practices your organizationrequires for quality assurance in all your data-related environments.

Our inspection experts and audit specialists, especially in the most frequent review-types such as HIPAA HITECH compliance, has the knowledge your business caneleverage year-round when it comes to audit threatevaluations and comprehensive vulnerability analysis.