Software Auditing

Software_AuditingBusiness IT Departments continue to meet the challenges of Software Auditing. A standard suite of supported software is generally installed by a company’s Desktop Engineer, when a new user is provisioned onto the network.

However, after that, individual employees, departments, consultants, project teams, and other users may freely be installing unsupported software on desktop images that could be adding unintentional security holes to your office environment.

This is why it’s so important to have software security reviews on a periodic basis at your company. When software compliance inventoriesare implemented, the unsupported software is quickly identified and put on management’s radar for security and IT Procurement license review purposes. If a person has installed unknown software that is not regularly validated to have the latest security patching on it, the application could potentially open up a doorway to hackers into your computer infrastructure environment.

CyberSec are industry experts when it comes to software assessments. We give your organization both sampling and global enterprise software assessments, as well as recommending the on-going tools your teams can use to meet the asset control challenges throughout the year. Our years of software inventory collection and version evaluations will help your organization stay current and up-to-date with the latest software toolsets.

Our assessment services include:

  • Server and Workstation Licensing
  • Application Software Catalog
  • Version Control Administration
  • The Importance of Security Patching
Server and Workstation Licensing

Your company has legal obligations when purchasing business applications and operating system software for both server and workstation environments. They must make sure that installations are accurate and match the purchase agreement terms.

Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CALs) or Volume Licensing helps provide these types of controls, and also includes solutions for on-going Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) that not only delivers the latest security patches and upgrades to servers, but also provides through desktop administration throttling controls and operating system updates, as well.

Should your team accidently install too many software products with duplicated licenses onto your network, your company could be fully liable for costs and backlog use, from the previous year(s). Also, repeated and unaccountable software installations have a tendency of getting missed when upgrades or security patching is needed.

We provide thorough software inventory scans that are collected into a single control database for your teams to utilize without the need to go from system-to-system, manually. CyberSec has the Change Management Database (CMDB) methodologies and polling tools needed to retrieve as much detail as possible for installed software applications on servers or workstation environments.

Application Software Catalog

Business-need drives unique software toolset implementations for projects and enterprise initiatives who purchase new software solutions. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with departments or project teams installing software without informing IT Support on their installation. That is why a software catalog database should be a required platform designed to house all your IT Procurement needs.

The problem without automating software installation detection and keeping the requisition in a database, versus having it stored in a static spreadsheet means possibly putting your organization at risk for unknown or unapproved software installations that could cause a security risk to your environment. Our software inventory architect specialists can give the architecture assessment for implementing a cost effective validation process that best fits your organization’s asset control needs.

Version Control Administration

One of the most important reasons to run regularly scheduled software inventory reviews is to help provide your version control updates for security, vendor support compliance, and compatibility needs. We work with your teams to help implement a plan for revision control management that best fits your environment so your teams can get the most out of the process without significant resource commitment or unnecessary cost of research and implementation.

The Importance of Security Patching

When software is accounted for and visible to your support teams, security update alerts from vendors can immediately be implemented, even on the same day the threat was discovered. Unknown installations will tend to get stale and out of date since your teams are not aware of vendor alert agreements they never committed to.

This is why, especially when it comes to security update managing, software asset experts can give your business the value-adding expertise needed to facilitate all your asset control requirements.

Why hire Software Audit Experts?

CyberSec software control specialists use the latest in industry-proven technologies with years of real-world experience to give your teams the skills and tools needed for all your software audit control needs.

Your teams can get the knowledge and experience without the resource or budget constraints put on your internal departments to research, test, implement, and support through trial-and-error efforts.