Cyber Incident Response Services Model

Hacker sitting streaming dataWhen it comes to Cyber Incident security, speed and restoration is criticalto a successful and quality-oriented customer user experience. Account hijacking, phishing, identity theft, and many more types of incident breaches must have the strongest framework and workflows implemented to address real-time infractions.

CyberSec has the years of incident response and remediation experience in anticipating the latest industry-challenged cyber-criminal attack strategies currently threatening business owners, today.

Incident Response Service Models addressed:

  • Incident Management
  • Response Assessment
  • Remediation or Restoration
  • Lessons Learn Reviews

Incident Management

Automated Cyber Incident Response methods with alert notification, ticket creation, and process escalation capabilities must provide the most relevant response action needed for particular types of breaches or platform infractions. Once an incident occurs, whether its technology or user based, the event is recorded by a central ticket management system, not only for support assignments, but also to be used as a process trigger or audit artifact addressing real-time protection and post improvement reviews.

Our risk assessments in workflow response and escalation processing brings to your support staff’s attention potential holes, procedure flaws, or unknown vulnerabilities that they can correct, as needed.

Response Assessment

It’s important to regularly assess and evaluate your existing security controls including measuring incident response metrics to ensure they are meeting their original design specifications. CyberSec assessment reviews can give your organization the confidence and knowledge required to help your support teams meet all their key performance indicator objectives for response management.

We provide audit policy control templates that help fortify any risk mitigation discoveries so regular process audit validations can ensure existing system integrity for all your infrastructure needs.

Remediation or Restoration

Triggered incident rule-sets can be configured for firewalls, routers, servers, and other security appliance devices to ensure an automatic countermeasure action is initiated to both remediate and restore the impacted service or system that has been attacked or breached. Blocking, filtering, fault tolerance, or failover methodologies help provide reliable service or system recovery response times.

CyberSec works with your technology support departments in identifying both risk vulnerabilities and recovery proposals utilizing your existing toolsets, or recommending the latest in industry-proven solutions to better protect your environments for quality assurance.

Lessons Learn Reviews

Based on the severity and level of impact related to the incident, event logging is required so administrators can immediately respond to the occurrence, or review the data later for improvement opportunities.

The numerous amounts of Cyber Incident Response situations a business can run into needs the most optimized response mitigation planning, possible. Our professionals can help provide this along with insightful and holistic assessment reporting covering all your threat prevention requirements.

Why hire Cyber Incident Response Experts?

Oursubject-matter-expert professionals in Cyber Incident Response assessments and design planningwill save your company months of trial-and-error configurations, research, and security architecture that CyberSec can give with short-term delivery engagements.

We have years of real-world experience using Black Hat expertise that enhances White Hat best practices to help deliver the most efficient response and escalation workflows possible to meet all your Cyber Incident Response and remediation needs.