Specialist Testing

specialist-security-testingOur testing subject matter experts offer a variety of specialized services. We have years of real-world experience backed by industry standards and quality assurance expertise in all our client assessment reviews.

Specialist Testing services include:

  • Network Perimeter Penetration (PEN)
  • Hardware Security Certification
  • Application Security
  • SCADA ICS Testing
  • Cloud Security
  • Wireless Device Infrastructure
  • Web Application
  • Endpoint Architecture
  • Content Security
  • Red Team

Specialization Professionals

Network Perimeter Penetration (PEN)

Our Pen testing can scan any connected device online. Our Pen testing covers Port Behavior, Firewall traffic, Threat Level Ranking, Vulnerability Assessments, Exploit Density, Post Breaching Exploit Density, and a Holistic Dashboard Findings Report guaranteed to give your company the strongest security prevention planning, available.

Hardware Security Certification

Routers, Switches, Appliances, Firewalls, Load Balancers, PCs, MACs, Smartphones, Tablets, and Printers are scanned, checking for current version patch validations, and a detailed findings report is givenfor remediating risks.

Application Security

We specialize in coding best practices. Code life cycle reviews arealso included with our services for security testing. We also givetesting for software white list enumeration, transport layer inspection, identity access authentication, data encryption testing, API vulnerability scanning, network integration behavior, user input access analysis, and session security handling functionality.

SCADA & ICS Penetration

Our scope testing for unique interfacesand computer penetration scanning identifies vulnerabilities or legacy-version related issues that we put into a findings report for your support vendors to mitigate. We keep your back-end, critical-system components in-check thanks to extensive due diligence we provide with every equipment evaluation.

Cloud Security

Industry-proven Cloud Security Methodologies for testing is our arsenal of quality assurance. We make sure that all your system end-to-end risks are identified and mitigated through a reliable Cloud Vulnerabilities Assessment Report.

Wireless Device & Infrastructure

We can provide testing for Mobile Device Management evaluationsas well as BYOD planning. This is provided with the latest MDM best practice technology testing to cover all your mobile wireless security needs for your business.

Web Application

Providing strong web services with transport analysis using testing permutation use-cases thathelp ensure a secure and reliable solution. We do this by testing key threat areas such as XSS threats, URL hijacking, SQL Injection attacks, Spoofing schemes, encryption, password field integrity, and the latest in API weaknesses for a solid testing methodology approach.

Endpoint Architecture

Our specialized Endpoint framework testing includes VLAN Quarantine planning, defense-in-depth weakness analysis, IDS/IPS evaluations, measuring gateway performance, and overall policy and procedure control reviews to help provide a cable-to-user secure Endpoint topology.

Content Security

Browser page testing includes plug-ins and interfaces likeAdobe Flash security holes, HTML weaknesses, and Microsoft ActiveX and VBScripting threat evaluations. We ensure our findings extends the most reliable Content Security Policy controls available which best fit your organization’s Content Security needs.

Red Team

Using the latest industry testing standards in threat simulations for physical process-orientated testing, behavioral process testing, and social engineering, we implement a full, real-world security breach exercise experience that will open your eyes on your existing security holes in your company.

The importance of hiring Specialization Experts

Hiring specialized professionals for short-term testing engagements saves man-power hours, costsand gives immediate service delivery. Our testing exercise isa fraction of your budget compared to hiring a full-time security department crew who requires large overhead for your business to maintain.

With CyberSec, you get the latest security expertise with years of real-world experience. We implement the very best in holistic security assessments, testing, and remediation practices that your organization can benefit.

We are fully trained professionals who cover a wide range of specializations to meet all your security framework needs.