Web Application Assessment

web-application-assessmentInternet business presence for your organization strongly depends on your web applications serving as either a portal or functional tool for your employees, customers, business partners or future clientele. Unfortunately, web applications also provide an enticing doorway that attract cyber-criminals over cyberspace. A door they can regularly come back to and try to find the right combination to the locks your company has put into place.

Your organization’s web applications are critical assets that you want to make sure are fortified with the strongest security systems, possible, to help safeguard your environments and internet user community.

CyberSec assessments can give your business the confidence needed from our risk and vulnerability web application evaluations, along with dashboard finding reports to help improve your current and future web application platforms.

Our “Web App” Assessment services include:

  • Web Applications Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Perimeter Protection Testing
  • Web Applications Security Controls
  • Code Review Quality Assurance
Web Applications Vulnerabilities Assessment

The need for periodic web application security assessments has grown over the years as hackers get more innovative with exploiting flawed coding and system weaknesses. Staying ahead of the curve is the most reliable approach to identifying early on existing vulnerabilities, risks, and possible threat potentials discovered through robustweb application vulnerability assessment evaluations.

We use our assessments, the latest penetration validation tools, case-studies, best practices, and also Open Web Application Project (OWASP) governing security programming guidelines. These techniques will help ensure your existing security frameworks has the most effective threat protection, possible.Our overall findings report in web application risk assessment mitigation will give your organization the planning methodologies for complete security quality assurance.

Perimeter Protection Testing

Our industry-proven penetration perimeter verification techniques can ensure web application security assessment by fault injection and behavior monitoringare included in your border fortification strategy. These methods include encryption evaluations, code-response timings with variable data passing, and script injection potentials are identified and immediately mitigated through our recommendations assessment reporting to your teams.

Our simulated synthetic user transaction scans will mimic user interactions, and report back any process flaws in either data or network transmission handling that a hacker could potentially exploit.

Web Applications Security Controls

It’s important to keep your web application security controls such as identity management, Application Programming Interfaces (API), and platform upgrades with appropriate patching as current as possible. This brings compatibility challenges, and sometimes performance concerns when additional layers of security controls are added to existing web application environments. CyberSec can give your organization the planning, assessments, and workflow template approaches how to manage your multiple web application controls while still performing at optimal levels for your security protection needs.

Code Review Quality Assurance

Web application security assessment tools should be a part of your coding validation process during your Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) project planning requirements. The importance of programming techniques when scripting web applications is paramount for giving your company end-to-end defenses for your data systems interfacing with web application systems.

Testing your applications in sandboxes before implementing them into a production environment should have a complete security review sign-off each time before rollout.It’s necessary to use security assessment tools to discover unknown flaws in coding techniques that may have been missed during the initial development validation phase.

Application weaknesses such as clear text event logging, unencrypted field value-passing, or weak error-level logic handling that a timeout session could accidently display private field data information. These are vulnerabilities you want to avoid ahead of time before the hacker finds them, first. Backdoor exploitation in coding should be fully identified before rolling out project-related web applications from temporary consulting services or developers who may be unaware this contingency could potentially give a cyber-criminal the access they need to enter your infrastructure.

Our web application assessment reviews cover all these areas to help improve your existing code review quality assurance test analysis in both scripting and process management.

Why hire Web Application Assessment Specialists?

With so many different web application platform variations in the industry in use today, even your support resources are severely challenged to stay current with the latest exploits. Platform languages such as Java, Adobe Flash, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Microsoft ActiveX, VB Scripting, and many others,makes it important to take advantage of services like CyberSec. We have the real-world subject-matter-experts who are thoroughly trained in Black Hat methodologies leveraging White Hat best practices to help assess and remediate all of your web application framework needs.

Our Web Application Assessment Specialists use the latest in industry-proven methodologies, development testing tool solutions, and penetration validation practices to simulate real-world experiences when it comes to evaluating the integrity of your web application systems.