DDoS Attack Investigation

ddos-investigationWhat is a DDoS Attack? Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) are created by hackers to overload a network or web services by sending multiple requests to it, so large and massive; the service becomes unavailable.

This is accomplished by a hacker sending out and infecting computers and networks with “botnets”. Botnets simulate user requests in the form of port connections, email spam, or equipment connectivity requests simulating hundreds of attempted connections.

Smaller or medium size companies and their security systems can be targetedfor short or long periods of time and can be taken down and become unavailable to employee and customer access attempts.

These types of infrastructures (small and medium) are targeted more frequently because many of them do not have the security resources needed to defend themselves like a large company does.

CyberSec is the DDoS prevent-professionalwhich can provide you with the investigation services and preventative assessment analysis needed to defend your organization’s cyberspace perimeter for quality assurance.

Cyber-criminal DDoS Services

Some hackers or people with malicious agendas hire cyber-criminals to create and generate these large pseudo botnet internet process robots for many reasons. Political motives, vindictive intent, competitors, media, organizational opposing points-of-view, and many other reasons drive the sale and purchase of DDoS Attack engagement services on thecyberspace network. Because this practice is almost non-traceable, it continues to be a popular methodology for hackers on the internet, today.


Once a DDoS attack occurs, immediate identification of the source ports, and in what form the attack is coming in as, is necessary so blocking, and filtering can be activated to stop the intrusion.

Working with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is required so they can work with your security support teams to immediately remediate the issue from the service provider’s routing systems, as well as your company’s security perimeter.

Why not just catch the bad guys?

Prevention and blockage are the priority for this type of attack. Tracking down the bad guy is virtually impossible because the attack can come from thousands of PCs on the internet, all at once. Almost all the users infected by the botnet virus are innocent and are not even aware they are doing it. Your business’s ISP and legal authorities will decide if it’s necessary to use their resources to track down the cyber-criminals who caused the attack or to decide whether the forensics needed to do this is even possible.


Our pre-and-post investigative assessment experts can give your support teams the escalation planning needed to mitigate this type of attack with the fastest response times, possible.

In our assessment findings report, we work with your administrators on improving ISP communication and escalation procedures. We can provide layouts on how to initiate immediate bad traffic filtering. We can also provide planning for technicalonion routing techniques for your firewall support and ISP partners. This can help identify the fastest resolution times available to your current network systems.

Why hire DDoS Investigation Experts?

DDoS attack is an on-going struggle for businesses in the industry, today. Prevention and immediate mitigation will continue to be the best solution available. You need DDoS real-world, Black Hat subject-matter-experts using White Hat industry-proven best practice techniques to offset and protect your company from these types of attacks that could potentially disable your company’s cyberspace solutions.

CyberSec provides the experience, expertise, and latest prevention strategies for all your DDoS preparation and post-investigative needs for your organization.