Mobile Device Management

mobile-device-managementAs mobility technologies begin to lead as primary computer tools for the 21st century, more companies are investing in Mobile Device Management solutions (MDM) so organizations can manage the growing need for mobile security. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and hybrid-notebooks can be a storage device or portal leading directly to your company’s private data storage areas or business applications.

MDM systems help provide your administrators the controls needed to manage any authorized mobile or wireless computer device that may be interfacing or attempting to access your organization’s network. Operating systems, storage image control, and pin identity access settings can be pushed or pulled remotely using the toolsets from an MDM administration console.

We help provide services for careful planning as well as patching and security update strategies accompanied by thorough risk assessment evaluations to ensure the integrity and reliability for your existing mobile security architecture.

Our Mobile Device Management assessment services include:

  • Asset Management
  • Remote Support Management
  • On-going System Maintenance
  • Policy and Procedure Controls

Asset Management

One of the many essential features MDM platforms have to offer is mobile device management services for asset tracking and image control. Should a mobile device become lost or stolen, your administrator can use the MDM platform to find the lost equipment, or send commands to the device that will wipe the entire image from it, protecting any company-related content.

The Mobile Device Management system can also send security policy controls directly to the device through an installed software agent, from Mobile Device Management vendors such as Airwatch™ or IBM MDM™. It can backup the storage and all the applications to remote cloud location, ensuring all your data information is safely secure and recoverable should the device become inaccessible.

CyberSec has extensive experience in providing MDM implementation planning assessment solutions, so your business will have the most robust mobile security framework designs possible, that best fits your organization’s mobile security needs.

Remote Support Management

Mobile device security management features also include encryption and syncing capabilities to either help troubleshoot or implement the latest security patching to the authorized device using the MDM agent. As long as the device has access to an internet connection over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, your remote administration team can work with your employees who could be on-the-road and away from the office, needing technical assistance with their mobile device.

Our professional management experts can provide your teams the support templates and architecture recommendation planning needed to ensure all levels of security are designed and planned for ahead of time. This will help your administrators anticipate any mobile support contingency for your mobile device road warrior needs.

Ongoing System Maintenance

Mobile device management architecture requires periodic maintenance that also must deliver the same updates and patching to software agents installed on your company’s authorized mobile devices. This can become more challenging if the device falls into the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) category that may require your MDM to create security exceptions without compromising the necessary security policies your business needs to sustain its mobile security access. Operating System (OS) device patching must also be actively considered to stay updated and supported through your existing vendor’s agreement and keep your device’s OS fully secure.

CyberSec can help give your teams the life cycle delivery planning needed to manage Apple™, Microsoft™, and Google™ tools, along with your current MDM agent configurations.

Policy and Procedure Controls

When an organization agrees to allow their mobile device assets to be managed by their employees, the employees must sign and agree to an ownership agreement that defines their responsibilities and liabilities with the device intended to be used for business use, only.

A similar control agreement is also required for BYOD devices. Employees realize if they agree to use their personal mobile device for work use, they have decided to use the same security precautions such as complete device wipes in case it is needed, should it be lost or stolen.

Our policy and control assessments can help provide your teams with the necessary materials and agreement requirements to make sure your compliance needs are fortified for your mobile solutions infrastructure solutions.

Why hire Mobile Device Management Specialists?

Our expertise in mobile protection planning using some of the best Mobile Device Management systems on the market, today, can help give your teams the experience you need without the challenges of extensive re-training or trial-and-error activities taking weeks or months to manage.

We help design mobile security plans, review assessments, and mobile penetration testing strategies for your company to use on an on-going basis. We help bring the latest in industry best practice standards that will help give the years of experience and security confidence for all your mobile security infrastructure needs.